Clash of the Trash

Bystanders watched as two men partook in a silent feud over bin bags.Bin Bags

Thousands have already watched the video clip on YouTube of the pair’s feud. They were filmed by a passing postman who noticed the feud.

Both of the men had decided that they didn’t want the rubbish outside their home and that it looked better on the other side of the street.

The short clip showed the men failing in their bid to move the rubbish to the other side as when one moved it the other would take it back.

Although the feud went on for over 30 minutes the pair never uttered a word to each other and simply persisted moving the bags back to the other side.

Surely the council can resolve the matter by providing some desperately needed wheelie bins or recycling bins.

The postman had some of his friends join him to watch the event unfold and quite an audience gathered for the men. The clip above now has over 200,000 views on YouTube and is proving popular with internet viewers.

Perhaps this is a lesson of how you should deal with conflict? The two men stay calm-headed the whole time and make their point silently.

The Postman turned Cameraman, Pete Sykes, can be heard in the video saying:  ’Should it be outside his house, or should it be outside my house? Absolute class.

He also said to the local press:’It’s so funny,’ ‘They were doing it for around half an hour. But they didn’t even argue.’

And for anyone who wants to keep updated on the Battle of the Bin Bags Mr Sykes said that he will be returning to the area next week to check for any developments.


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