Birmingham Disputes Wheelie Bin Introduction

Conservative councillors of Birmingham have accused the Labour officials of misleading people over the ‘unnecessary’ introduction of wheelie bins.

The council have now launched a public consultation into waste collections.

Without the wheelie bins the mounds of rubbish create quite an eye-sore

Without the wheelie bins the mounds of rubbish create quite an eye-sore

The City council were awarded £30m in November 2012 to preserve weekly wheelie bin collections.

The money was given to fund a project always involving the introduction of wheelie bins and Labour cabinet member James Mackay stated ;

The money has “to be spent on what the government gave us the money for”.

“If we didn’t accept that money, there’s no way we could preserve weekly collections,”

Residents and refuse collectors have reported bags being torn into by cats and vermin which would be thwarted by the introduction of the bins. There are however residents who have objected to the scheme as the bins would limit the amount they can dispose of through the collections.

Another way to combat animals getting into the bags would be to improve and develop food recycling schemes in the city.

It also damages the image of the local area that bin bags have to be lined up along the street rather than deposited in the bins out of sight.

There has also been pressure throughout the UK on councils after bins haven’t been collected due to poor weather.

The man behind the plan, James Mackay also said; “This is about establishing the policies and principles for the implementation of wheelie bins,”

“We are starting with the presumption that all homes are having wheelie bins and will use the consultation process to understand were there should be exceptions.”

The consultations for the plans will be over the internet and then meetings will take place with interest groups.

Although some are against the plans to introduce the bins they are used nationwide in most areas and it may surprise some that this major city hasn’t yet introduced the bins.


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