Business Power Nap

A new and quite peculiar beauty trend has been spotted in London.

Spas in and around London have noticed how fatigued and sleepy their clients are and have decided to cater for it, for £22.50 you can sleep for 20 minutes on a dry floatation bed. Although you might think that the price is a bit steep the treatment is supposedly equivalent to 4 hours sleep in a normal bed.

A Dry Floatation Bed

A Dry Floatation Bed

The general tone surrounding the treatment is that it’s as much about your health and immune system as it is your mental alertness and capability. As your body tires as does your immune system and you may start feeling some niggling symptoms of an illness.

One spa spokeswoman said : “It’s more popular in winter than in summer because people don’t have as much holiday rest at this time of year.” She also mentioned that the relaxation treatments don’t have to involve sleep, even sitting and relaxing in the salt-air chamber reading a magazine can re-invigorate you.

Regardless of the individuals reason for being there, whether it’s after a stressful business meeting or in the middle of a jam packed day this new fad has already proved popular with clients and visitors of the spas.

There could also be a market for the treatments in motorway service stations nationwide with great emphasis being placed on not driving when tired, the treatments would be useful to rouse drivers and enable them to continue with their journey, however, having seen the mark-up on bottled drinks at service stations I’m sure the cost of a service station sleep treatment would make most drivers woozy.

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