Playboy Model Turned Internet Activist

Playboy Netherlands slipped up in 2003. They published the real name of one of their models rather than their adopted playmate name. Which in return caused her mother, who had the same surname to receive some in-appropriate phone calls.

Ancilla Tilia

Ancilla Tilia

Since that happened Tilia has legally changed her name to her adopted playboy name, Ancilla Tilia. She also became one of, if not the most famous fetish, glamour and luxury lingerie models throughout Europe. Due to her success someone discovered the shoots and made her real name available on-line, this resulted  in stalkers and her home address being added to Google maps by the Dutch chamber of Commerce.

She is now an active promoter of internet privacy and people’s rights. “cuz boobs are fun but rights are important”. After her own experience Tilia decided to drop a lot of her modelling work and work voluntarily at BOF (Bits Of Freedom) which is a non-profit organisation that is dedicated to promoting and campaigning for internet privacy.

Internet modelling and pornography is one of the main war-zones for privacy and data protection as not only can it be an awkward situation but it can also easily become quite a scary and dangerous situation.

The main talking point of the whole situation is not to do with her public profile but rather the fact that it is anyone’s right to have their data and privacy protected on-line, as BOF said it’s “not only for models but for every citizen”.


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