Dangerous Fake Power Tools On Sale Throughout UK

The public have been warned, especially those in rural areas, of rogue merchants selling fake and possibly dangerous power tools door to door according to Trading Standards and the police.

Several reports in the East Lancashire area were made of the sellers going door to door and it is thought that the sales may spread through the Country.Doorstep

Anyone who has already purchased a power tool (possibly a nail gun or chainsaw) from a door to door salesman it is highly recommended that you get your tool tested at a local specialist.

In a statement a spokesman for the Lancashire Police said: ”These saws came to the attention of police officers after it was reported they were being sold to rural properties door-to-door.

“We are unsure as to the quality of these products and would urge anyone who purchased one of these saws to have it checked as to its safety.”

If you are offered a power tool a good way of checking for authenticity is if it comes with a manual or moulded plug rather than a household plug. It is also not recommended to pay cash for items from doorstep sellers either as the money cannot be retrieved should there be a problem, it also makes it impossible to track the person through the transaction.


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