Adele Shocks Tycoon With Quote

After showing interest in acquiring Adele’s services, Del Monte juice tycoon Vivian Imerman was told that she would charge £2.5m for a 25 minute set, £100,000 a minute.

Although he is planning a lavish wedding for his daughter even Imerman with his massive bank balance has deemed her too expensive and is pursuing different artists and wedding bands. He had previously booked Amy Winehouse for his eldest daughter’s wedding three years ago.

Adele at the Oscars

Adele at the Oscars

Jennifer Aniston invited Adele to perform at her wedding to fiancée Justin Theroux after meeting them at the Oscars.

The star has recently been approached by Estee Lauder and Dior to become the face of their beauty campaigns in deals thought to be worth around £10,000,000.

Although she is thought to have made in excess of £20,000,000 in 2012, Adele still hasn’t passed her UK driving test due to her busy schedule and plans to finally take her test in 2013 in order to get a ‘family friendly’ car. I’m sure she will have no trouble passing her test swiftly as with a more open diary and plenty of money to throw at it she could be passed within a week.

Recent reports suggest that Adele and her partner, Simon Konecki, are planning for a second child as she wants two children to grow two years apart. #

The pair welcomed their first child, a son who is believed to be called Angelo, at the end of 2012 and the arrival of her first child prompted Adele’s priorities to change from song writing/performing to being a good parent.

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