2 Year Old Boy Found Dead Hanging From Bedroom Blinds

A two-year old boy has died after accidentally hanging himself on his bedroom window blind cords.


Two Year old Mason has died in his home in South St Louis.

Two Year old Mason has died in his home in South St Louis.

Mason Gorse was found hanging several feet off the ground with the blind cords around his neck at around 7:25pm, but it is unclear how long the child had been there.

The police have ruled that the child Mason Gorse, had climbed onto the window of his bedroom and became tangled in a long nylon cord from the blinds. Mason’s mother found him hanging several feet off the ground with the cords wrapped around his neck, her husband desperately tried to perform CPR whilst waiting for emergency services to arrive. Mason was unfortunately pronounced dead at Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Centre.

Mason’s parents haven’t been taken into custody, after investigators are calling his death a tragic freak accident. A neighbour told the St Louis Post, that the family had only been living there around 7 months.

Unfortunately, this is the first case of it’s kind. Since 1991, more than 175 children have died after accidentally strangling themselves on window blind cords. Linda Kaiser lost her one year old daughter in 2002 after she strangled herself with blind cords. Linda has since then set up an international awareness group ”Parents for Window Blind Safety”

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