Email Wedding Invitations Tacky?


Cool or tacky? As more couples are opting to ditch traditional paper wedding invitations and send out digital copies of their invites!

Today’s generation wouldn’t be able to function without the technology we have, (I certainly couldn’t!) phones, TV’s, Sat Navs, the lot! So it’s no wonder couples are choosing to send their wedding invitations via email. With each year that passes, the number of couples using digital invitations increases.

There are actual services out there for digital wedding invitations, which allow guests to quickly RSVP online. Whilst I think it’s a brilliant cheap, easy, quick and not to mention eco-friendly way of sending invites, critics say that they are too informal, killing traditional values of weddings and they also may be too confusing for the older or less computer literate guests.

A recently wedded bride 28 year old magazine editor, Amul Mohan, has said that she sent out email invites to all her closest friends who she knew would get the invites over the net and she also printed a batch for her family! She chose to do this as her family would have frowned upon receiving an email invite.

It’s convenient, name someone you know under the age of say 50 who doesn’t regularly check their emails? Who isn’t always on a social network of some sort? Or doesn’t even use the net, there’s not many is there? It is said that up the number of couples that use the paperless post is 3.5 times as many as it was last year!

Obviously there are a lot of criticisms, wedding planners hate the idea. New York based wedding planner, Tammy Golson said how weddings are not a place for an email. Perhaps for a rehearsal or pre-wedding shower, but not the actual wedding. A paper invite shows the effort and respect you are putting into a wedding , it’s your wedding at the end of the day. Other reasons could be that paper invitations are more expensive than digital copies? Maybe?

Julie Benz has defending her choice of using email invitations

Julie Benz has defending her choice of using email invitations

Actress Julie Benz has defended her decision to email her wedding invitations, after she said ’does receiving a Paperless Post Evite make our wedding day any less important or any less formal? I don’t think so. Are you not going to come because you didn’t get tangible invitation in the mail? I think not. In fact, I think it reveals a lot about who we are as a couple: modern, chic, green, no nonsense people who also like to save money.’

As far as I’m concerned, it’s your wedding day. Do with it what you will, it shows who you are as couple. It’s like saying why have you chosen pink flowers over red? Because it’s your choice, it’s what you like and wanted.

If you want to stay traditional, stay traditional. If you want to do it your own way, even better!

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