Bed and 365 Breakfasts?!

We’ve all been to our fair share of unique b and b‘s and I’ve even returned to the odd few which I enjoyed. But not as often as this Australian couple. Chris and Sally Allison like the b&b and restaurant that much, they decided to stay the entire year!

Chris and Sally Allison love the B&B so much they've booked it for the year!

Chris and Sally Allison love the B&B so much they’ve booked it for the year!

Sally and Chris are originally from Sydney, Australia and had intended on moving into London for a year whilst they explored Europe for their retirement. But after a warm welcome and a brilliant breakfast, that soon changed. The couple abandoned their plans and decided to stay based in rural Wales. They often pop to London and European cities from their Welsh base, but say they’re not missing out by not being based in a city but are in fact seeing some beautiful spots in the local area and across northern Wales.

The Australian couple say they are used to travelling long distances whilst away from happy and are more than happy to base themselves in such a rural location.

The couple have become so comfortable that they have developed a very good friendship with the owners David and Elvira Barratt, that they are like family! The two couples get on so well that the Barratts have invited the Allison’s to their daughters wedding in Italy next year!

When Mrs Barratt was asked what makes her B&B so great that couples like the Allison’s come back regularly she had to say “ Mrs Barratt said that good service is the key and her famous tea and cake on arrival certainly helps. We’re just a small, family-run business. So we like to focus on hospitality. People like to see a friendly face when they arrive, they remember that”

The hotel has seen a lot of repeat business over the 20 years the Barratts have owned it. Much of it is down to word-of-mouth. Like many businesses, the four-star hotel was struck by the economic downtown, but the semi-permanent residence of the Allison’s has given the hotel a boost!

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