Compulsive Cleaners!

Are you a neat freak? Do you bleach fruit? Disinfect your phone or even clean stranger’s bathrooms? It sounds a bit out there, but there are people out there who spend up to ten hours a day cleaning!

It’s no joke! People actually do take cleaning that seriously! I watched TLC program last week that showcased a middle aged stay at home woman called Alfreta.

She not only cleans her bathroom, but also cleans public bathrooms and friend’s houses when she visits. You think that’s bad? That isn’t even the half of it! article-2240533-1646A006000005DC-668_634x495

“I clean one a day, but once a day is all day. Bathrooms seems to be my thing, a dirty bathroom disgusts me. I don’t care where you go, it should always be clean!” Alfreta uses a toothbrush to get all the residue off the fixtures and she can use up to 3 big bottles of bleach a week! She uses half a bottle each time she cleans her toilet, which she also pours into the tank of the toilet! To top it off, she bleaches her fruit. Yes, bleach it! She mixes water and bleach and scrubs the fruit and will refuse to eat it until she has. She has done since her doctor told her most fruits have insecticides on them.

Another neat freak on the show was a 29 year old manager called Caleb, who sprays his home and his body with hydrogen peroxide and he also insists on spraying down his dates before they get intimate. That’s enough to turn anybody off! He also hoovers up to 12 times a day!


Christy (left) hyperventilates at just the thought of someone entering her home and contaminating it! She spends up to ten hours everyday scrubbing down every inch and crack of her home. She said how she refuses to have a child because just the thought of the snot and mess they makes her want to throw up.

It seems sad that this is how people spend their days, but it is a mental condition. They cannot help it, it’s a fear they cannot get rid of, even if it stupid. I’m stupidly scared of spiders I cringe at the thought of one, it’s the same basic principle.

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