Different Lockers for Different Requirements?

Lockers are often the preferred choice when it comes to choosing something to store your employee’s belongings. All sorts of commercial environments need work lockers. They are secure, convenient and ideal for a huge range of different business and office settings. So to make sure you’re buying the right locker for you, I’ve put together a quick overview of the different lockers that are on offer and which lockers suit your requirement.


School Lockers -Lockers are essential in any education setting, giving students somewhere safe to store their belongings and school books. You can get secure lockers in any sort of size or shape for schools and you can differentiate them to perhaps show different year or house groups. Which not only keeps the school looking organized, but also looks pretty cool!

Wire Mesh/Transparent Lockers – These lockers are designed for circulation, ideal when perhaps storing wet clothes. The lockers are also highly secure method of storing objects and some styles come with wholly transparent doors for extra security.

Steel Lockers – These lockers are a traditional option which hasn’t lost any level of appeal as they can be designed, colored and you can have a range of different sizes, locking mechanisms and sizes. Not to mention they are great value for money and are perfect for any range of environments.

Plastic Lockers – As well as being weather and vandal resistant, these lockers are also very hygienic which makes them ideal for both internal and external high traffic areas. So there’s no worry of rust setting in or anyone breaking in them.

Laptop Lockers – These are brilliant. They are vastly used in schools and education settings everywhere. It has small doors to which one laptop can fit in one (you can usually fit around 20 laptop in the entire locker) and it also has a charger town, so when the laptops are finished with, they can be re-charged. Another great feature is the wheels, so it’s portable, it can be moved to wherever you want it. The locker is immensely secure, as you would want it to be. Especially when the locker holds up to 20 laptops!

Laminate Lockers - These lockers are incredibly tough and hard wearing they’re good for frequent use. You can get moisture-resistant laminate lockers, which are frequently used in pool and leisure centre and changing room facilities.

In all this categories, you will always find different variations of the locker. You can change; height, width, color, locking mechanisms, combinations. Anything, they’re such great products because they can be made to suit you!

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