Top management Apps!

Struggling keeping on top of your time management? Always busy and got lots of meetings? Well I’ve put together a list of my favorite and most useful apps when it comes to time management!

How's your time management?

How’s your time management?

SmartTime – This app lets you integrate your daily schedule with your Iphone or Smartphone. When you create a new appointment, you can integrate your contacts so that you have all contact details and information of that particular appointment. SmartTime also allows lets you use email to share appointments and data with other SmartTime users. There are three ways to view data and tasks and events are combined in each of those views. The first view is Smart View, and it displays your agenda. Calendar View shows the same data in a standard day calendar. Focus View provides a list of “need to do,” and “already done.” SmartTime is on the app store for $4.99.

CloudOn - This app is a Microsoft Office app, which integrates with all your Microsoft word, excel and power-point data on the go! it also allows other files like, PDF’s, JPG’s, PNG’s and GIf’s to be opened on your phone using a built in adobe reader and file viewer! Most of the standards features on Microsoft office is available on CloudOn, including sharing files as links or attachments via email within the work space! CloudOn is a free App as well!

Box - This app allows you to sync up to 5GB of data, making it easier to access and edit files, share with colleagues and stay connected on the go! Updates to all documents and files are visible immediately through secure content saving. This is free from the app store, but is £1.99 for them premium update.

AppPad – One of the better apps if I’m honest. The appPad is a product from spa software, which is a complete, printed diary which allows you to customize your schedule by drawing in your own lines and dates. You can write direct onto with a stylus, there’s a easy undo in case you make a silly mistake. You can customize the app by adding your own colors and even your own company logo! This app price is varied on different products. #

SpringPad – SpringPad is a free app that aims to help iPhone users become better organized and more productive. Users of the app are able to save ideas, notes, project tasks, photos, products, checklists and movies. Then SpringPad provides suggestions relevant to the items being organized.The latest version, Springpad 4.0, features a streamlined design, performance improvements and easier access to all the data you are working with.

SpringPad is one of my favorites for time management!

SpringPad is one of my favorites for time management!

There you have it! In my opinion these are the best management and time keeping app’s I have came across, great thing is the majority of them are free! Check them out, it’s worth a try!



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