New Fire Trucks Cost $2 Million!

Civic politicians are willing to spend over two million dollars on two new fire truck for the Richmond Fire-Rescue. The force has two 23 year old trucks which are just two old and is very costly in constant repairs. So the two old trucks will be decommissioned for the arrival of the new models, which will be delivered within one year! Senior fire officials are urging the council to award a seven figure contract to Wholesale Fire and Rescue Ltd for a new 105 foot ladder and a pump truck.

The crew at the Remy apartment fire in 2011

The crew at the Remy apartment fire in 2011

Richmond’s current fire trucks have a trio of ladders on the trucks which only reach 75 feet. The taller ladder will be better equipped to tackle fires in six-storey buildings like the Remy apartment building which burnt down May 03 2011 whilst under construction. The ladder truck will become the tallest reaching vehicle in the fleet, plans call for it to be located at the new No.3 Fire Hall, expected to be built at Cambie and No.4 roads as a replacement to the current station on Bridgeport Road.

A council committee meeting was held on Tuesday and the deputy fire chief Tim Wilkinson noted the tender award represents the best value to the city! The city council is expected to approve the purchase later this month, Smeal Fire Apparatus Co. was the only other firm to submit a bid! After thorough evaluation of the submissions it was determined that wholesale fire and rescue provided the best value response in terms of specification, a shorter delivery time of nine months for both units and value for the money.

The station is said to be very excited about the arrival of the new trucks and they ‘can’t wait to have a go.’ The new vehicles will also allow for easier maneuvering around busy roads and city streets because of a lower overall height and tighter turning radius.


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