Most Dangerous Workplaces!

Most of us don’t worry about risks whilst at work? Well you wouldn’t if you worked in an office or a shop? When you think of dangerous jobs, what would you say is risky? Stuntman? Fireman? Wrong! I’ve done a list of what I thought was quite surprising of the UK’s most dangerous jobs!

Farming and Fishing!

I know what you’re thinking, a farmer/fisher? You’ve got to be kidding right? No I kid you not, farmers and fishers are apparently the UK’s most dangerous job according to death and injury statistics, last year 34 farmers died in accidents involving being crushed by large animals, machinery like tractors and falls from heights! If you choose to go to sea for a living, you are up to 50% more likely to die at work than people in other occupations! The health and safety executive has been trying to address the high number of accidents and death in agricultural jobs by improving health and safety standards!

Warehouse Work 

It may seem like a low maintenance job, picking and dropping products in a warehouse but they have been proven to be quite dangerous. This year alone, 23 people have died in accidents just involving pallet trucks and forklifts, many warehouses are very low and busy and most accidents are caused by carelessness and when people are careless, accidents do happen unfortunately. To avoid accidents, make sure your warehouse has the correct health and safety procedures and keep an eye out!


This is an obvious one, accidents happen on work site all the time. The job entails sometimes working at great heights, lifting heavy items, using large and heavy machinery and tools! Construction workers are far more likely to suffer problems caused by exposure to substances like asbestos. Over a quarter of work-related deaths are caused on a building site, so I’d get yourself into that office!


Mining isn’t nearly as big as it used to be, but there are still mines open and they are a risky business to be in! Cave ins and underground exposures are often be immediately fatal or cause problems in the long term! Open mining is usually less risky, but it still holds dangers associated with heavy machinery!

Oil Riggers!

Working on an Oil Rig is a very well paid job, partly because of the isolation and the sheer life risks involved. Safety on a rig is optimal. But there is no guarantee that taking oil or gases out of the sea will be safe in any way, you can follow safety procedures but it sometimes isn’t enough. Weather is a huge factor when it can come to oil riggers, it raises the risk and the rigs are usually in remote locations so it is very hard to get workers off the location in emergencies!


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