How to Run a Salon!

Thinking of opening a salon? Many people think they can do it with no problems at all, but many fail within the first few months of opening. Running a successful salon is a lot more than just giving a good hair cut, the fundamentals of running a salon are so simple and are often way over looked!

Hairdresser at work cutting customers hair

#Set a welcoming atmosphere.

Make the salon look good, no ones going to want a hair cut from a dirty looking place. Clean it up, decorate make it look like a high standard salon. It will push your business further than you think. There are millions of ways of styling your salon, floors should be cleaned and a must is to make sure all your products and equipment is all kept neat and tidy! Nothing worse than bottles and scissors everywhere! Also keep it organised! Set up some salon management software, nothing worse than an unorganised salon!

#Know your clients.

It’s a no brainer really, become friendly and familiar with your clients. Nothing like feeling comfortable and safe with a hairdresser, being able to have a conversation rather than just sitting there with an awkward silence the whole time! You will obviously get people from the surrounding area quite regularly if you offer the best friendly service.

#Know who’s Boss.

You’re the boss, make sure it stays like that. Nothing worse than having staff who think they can come to work and do what they want. Obviously having fun at work is key, you don’t want to be labelled a strict mean boss but neither do you want to be named a push over. Make sure there is an employee procedure in place for working hours, lunches etc.

#Look Professional

Uniforms are the best thing for looking professional and they usually just make a workplace look all together tidier. Salon tunics are usually very cheap to buy and they can come in a range of colours depending on perhaps what style your salon is going for!

#Variety of Services

Hair stylists will usually offer more than just hair cuts, it’s most certainly going to attract more customers as you can give bulk prices for services. You can have your nails done whilst you have your hair cut. Employing people with multi-skills can be very beneficial to your business!

#Offer reasonable Prices!

No one will go to a salon where they’re being robbed blindly for a cut and blow dry! Be sensible with prices, an idea would be to go round all the local salons checking out all the prices and see if you can match or even beat them! It’s business at the end of the day, to be the best you have to provide the best, that includes, service, quality and PRICE!


Last but not least, listen to your customers. They know what they want and if you do the complete opposite, they will never return! Whilst doing treatments make sure that the customer is happy throughout, if they have any concern ask them to raise them. Customers are usually hesitant to tell you want they really think, be friendly and tell them you won’t be offended if they want it changing! A trick I learnt is that lately alot of people will text during their appointment and they will text about how it’s going, it might be abit sneaky but use this to your benefit. Don’t be caught being nosey though!

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