Rising Cost of Proms!

It’s that time of year again, the kids are leaving school, they’re all finishing their exams and getting ready for their prom! But the constant rise on the cost of a prom night per child is putting pressure on parents! Party time in limousine

It is said that an average child can cost a parent £1,200 each! That’s for their tickets, attire (dress or suit) shoes, hair and prom car hire. It’s ridiculous, especially just for one night! But the ever rising peer pressure for everyone to look the best, have the best dress and the best car is forcing parents have to fork out for everything.

Parents with girls are more likely to spend more money when it comes to the prom, obviously because the girls ‘need’ more, the make up, hair stylists, shoes, bags and the way over priced dress! I’ve known people in the past to pay stupid amounts for just their dress, up to £800! It’s horrendous, I got my dress off the internet for £100 and it was displayed in retail shops for £350! You just need to look if you want to find the best deals! Shoes and bags, for some reason they are a big thing! Shoes you usually can’t even see underneath the dress and what do you even need a bag for?

Hairdressers will charge alot for a prom hair do, firstly they charge for trials which can be like £50 and then the additional costs for the do on the day! My mom did my hair and she did a great job of it, she did a few practices before to make sure it will be right and it turned out great! Then you’ve got your nails and spray tan which together can cost like £40!

Luckily if you have a boy to pay for, you’re a little better off but not much though! They don’t need hairdressers, nails or tan but they will need a suit and even the boys are being very picky about what they wear! No more hand me down suits! Slim ties and fitted suits cost quite a bit, you will probably find yourself forking out £100+ for a good suit. Then the shoes, lads really do car a lot about their appearance these days.

Prom tickets are a joke, the point of a prom is to have a last gathering before they leave school for good! I remembered I paid £25 for my prom ticket and we had to pay for drinks and I didn’t have any food off the buffet because it all was stale! It’s a huge money making scheme on all parts, venues will make schools pay too much for a prom because they think just because it’s for teenagers, that they’ll destroy everything. Not always the case.

If you’re not prepared to pay the whole bill, come to an agreement with your teenager. Make them do chores and save over a couple months before the prom, and you could also perhaps save if moneys a tad tight. It give’s your child a work ethic and it makes it a lot easier in the long run. Don’t forget it’s the day your teenager is now all grown up. Cherish it.

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