There’s pets out there too!

Winds of 200 mph tore through the city of Oklahoma and ripped lives apart. The tornado that devastated Oklahoma has destroyed lives, families and homes. Car were being flung through the air and two schools were crushed 100′s have been left injured and with no where to go with homes left as nothing but miles of debris. 30 of an estimated 75 children have so far been pulled out of the school wreckage with at least two dozen more expected to be still inside. It has been confirmed at 91 people have died including children.


This horse is being cared for at the Oklahoma City Animal Rescue

But we can’t forget the other victims in the disaster, the hundreds of pets left homeless! Dozens of cats, dogs, horses and even a squirrel with a broken leg has been brought in animal shelters since Monday’s events who are in urgent need of vet supplies and pet supplies. Dogs were all found wondering the streets after the tornado, some came in with no injuries at all, where as some were not so lucky.

This horse was found in field hiding under a tree with multiple cuts and a broken pelvis, vets don’t know how the horse broke it’s pelvis but it is suspected that something hit the horse at incredible speed and force. The horse is being treated for all  the cuts it has sustained during the storm and vets are also going to operate on the pelvis.


Pup was found in a tree!!

This poor little pup was reportedly found sitting up a tree by passers-by, they heard the little pup crying and immediately rescued him. It’s unknown to how he got up there, but he’s so lucky he only had a few minor cuts! The pup is only 9 weeks old and the shelter are desperately trying to get in touch with the family addressed on his collar, unfortunately it’s proving difficult.

Many families have been in and out of the shelter all week trying to find their pets, majority of families who came looking for their pets, found them. Although there were many who were disappointed as their pet wasn’t at the shelter.

Krysta and her dad Steve were relived to be reunited with their family pet!

Krysta and her dad Steve were relived to be reunited with their family pet!

Steve Finley and his daughter Krysta Synder were part of the lucky families, when they thought by chance their lost spaniel Prudence may have been brought to the shelter, they were over the moon to find her. Steve said “After the weeks horrible events, it’s a blessing to have such good news and for Prudence to be found safe!”

A Boxer has been found and the shelter is desperately trying to find his owners as he has been badly injured and after treatment just needs some TLC and attention. Rescuers have called him Benny for the time being and are praying his owners find him.


The Oklahoma City Animal Rescue are trying their hardest to treat all the animals that have been brought to the animal rescue centre, even a small squirrel had been brought in with broken legs and vets are caring for it ready to release it back into the wild. Times like this need everyone to pull together and help out everyone and everything in any way possible, even the animals of Oklahoma need your help, they don’t have a home either now.

Anything will help the shelter, any pet foods, volunteers, vet supplies, beds, anything! Everything little bit will help this unfortunate pets get treated and back home.


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