High School Tragedy

A 15-year-old boy from Oklahoma took his own life in the bathroom of his school earlier this week.

The 15 Year old boy took his own life and has been identified as 9th grader Triston Stephens

The 15 Year old boy took his own life and has been identified as 9th grader Triston Stephens

Triston Stephens, a ninth grade student, died at around 8:35am just after the start of Mondays lessons, he died of one gunshot to the head.

The gunshot rang around the school and sent the pupils into panic with his school and other local schools going into lock-down.

After the lock-down was over and it was deemed safe all students but the ninth graders were sent home.

The school has now resumed normal time-table and guidance councillors will be on school premises to help anyone struggling to deal with the incident.

It still remains a mystery as to why Triston decided to take his own life, he left no note and other students don’t believe he was the target of bullying, the super-intendant of the school also didn’t believe that it was due to bullying, however, other officials were more vague on the subject.

During a candlelight vigil for Stephens it was evident that many students were struggling to cope with the shock of the situation.

Student Jaci Sappington said : ”I am in shock,”"I am like shaking right now, it’s so weird.”

In such a tragic situation it is difficult to draw positives but the school and surrounding schools have been commended by the authorities for responding to the circumstances “flawlessly”, Lieutenant Donnie Krumsiek of the Coweta Police Department said : ”tremendous job ensuring student safety.”

After nearly two months after the horrific massacre at Sandy Hook Elementry, shootings in school are being cracked down on and extreme measures are taking place to ensure the safety of children whilst in school and even outside of school.


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