Are Electric Cars Really Eco-Friendly?

For many years, electric motors have been the face of the Eco-friendly revolution, the cars operate on rechargeable batteries opposed to gasoline and therefore  is seen as being green seeing as they do not emit harmful emissions in to the environment. Recently though, critics have been questioning whether they as Eco friendly as they are being made out to be.Nissan-responds-to-sluggish-Leaf-sales-with-improvements-for-2013

Electric cars have been put under fire for two reasons. To begin with, some critics are concerned with where the batteries are produced for the cars and that they might not be being produced in the Eco-friendly way it claims. Secondly, people have also pointed out the electricity that is going to be used to fuel the car and whether it is going to be produced via green technology.

Both arguments display that the car may not be as Eco-friendly as it says in it’s development, but even so it will still produce a hell of a lot less emissions than a normal petrol or diesel car would. Unfortunately the pro’s of the car will always be out-ruled by the manufacturer of the car until they can find a way to build it as Eco-friendly as possible.

The Norwegian study has brought out the most publicity to this issue and has provided the best support for the criticisms. Researchers at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology studied the overall impact the car would have on the environment and have found the production of the car is actually just as harmful to the environment to that of a normal car. In actual fact, some evidence suggests that the electric cars may even have greater negative impact than the more traditional car.

The main evidence for these findings lie with the materials used to build the car. Purchasing a used vehicle would be more environmentally friendly than purchasing a brand new car because it requires energy and raw material to build. Although they are more concerned about the production and disposal of the batteries which will apparently do more harm than good. Also the the study underlined the need for electricity, which undermines the fact that the car will eliminate fossil fuels.


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