Top Tips for Passing Your Driving Test

With my driving test coming up in the next week, it’s fair to say I’m beginning to panic. To put my mind at ease, I’ve asked around and researched into tips for passing your driving test.

One thing I have trouble with, staying calm! Don’t pressurize yourself, take your time and drive as normally as you can. Be very alert at the same time and try not to forget anything that can cost you your test. Drive like you’re with your driving instructor, don’t over think it else you’ll end up making silly mistakes.

Read your highway code so you’ll have your memory refreshed for your show me, tell me questions. These are key for your test. driving

Don’t give up if you think you’ve failed, many people completely give up when they do something wrong like stall or clip a kerb. You haven’t failed! As long as you fix your mistake and carry of driving normally and don’t make your mistake too apparent, you’ll be fine. Many people think they’ve failed with little mistakes, so they give up for the rest of the test. You haven’t failed until your driving instructor tells you so, I can’t stress enough that you just need to drive normally.

Keep yourself occupied but stay alert, singing in your head usually works. I always sing on my lessons, my driving instructor may get annoyed but it keeps me calm, you won’t be penalized for having a sing song.

Be patient, even if you think you can get through a gap before the other car gets there wait! Usually the gap is not as wide as you think and you will be penalized, just be patient. Stop behind a parked car and wait for oncoming traffic, just don’t be too hesitant. Say if a car is right at the bottom of the road, you obviously have time to move out.

Be very aware! I did a mock test that has taught me to be more aware then ever. On my mock test, a forklift came whizzing out of a drive without looking so I had to do a sharp stop. Luckily, this didn’t cost me my mock test because I did all the right things to keep it safe.

Be prepared! Have an early night before, if you panic yourself and don’t get any sleep you won’t be refreshed. Get yourself a good breakfast or lunch, try not to let all the what if’s put you off your test. It will do nothing but panic you more. Breathe deeply, it will help calm the nerves before your test.

Be confident, obviously not over confident where you’re being cocky. But just be positive, go in as if you know you’re going to pass. Positive thinking leads to positive doing!

All I have to do is take my own advice now, hopefully I’ll pass and be on the road by this time next week! Good luck you too as well!



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