My Driving Test Experience!

My driving test was probably the most daunting experience of my life, I’d never been so nervous in my entire life. I was confident I could drive, but I had no confidence in myself what so ever.

It was this that cost me my driving test, I was really panicked and because of that I think it knocked my concentration abit. If my driving instructor thought I wasn’t ready for my test then he wouldn’t have put me in for it, but he did, which obviously mean’t that I was a good enough safe driver. I just needed to have confidence in myself.

Driving with someone other than your driving instructor was the most scary part, a complete stranger judging your every move and mistake! Luckily for me, I had a very nice examiner, he let me stop for five and calm down and understood that I was very nervous. He talked me through the whole test and made conversation to try and calm me down.

The only thing that slipped me up was the fact that I didn’t check my blind spot! Usually i would have only got one minor, but because I kept forgetting to do it, the examiner failed me. You can only get the same minor 4 times before he fails you for it. I couldn’t help but beat myself up about it, if I had just checked my over my shoulder rather than having a quick glance, I would have passed.

I overly checked my mirrors and left blind spot, I just didn’t make it clear enough that I was checking it. You need to make it very obvious to the instructor that you’re checking, because on the off chance that they don’t see you (which is very unlikely) you can say you made it plainly obvious. Best not to argue with the examiner though.

As soon as I was told that I’d failed, my heart dropped. I wasn’t expecting to pass, but it was because I was so close to passing that I was so upset. If i had just checked that bloody blind spot, I would have passed with just 5 minors which is a very good pass. (You’re aloud to up 15 minors). Obviously I cried, I was devastated, but now I know what to expect for my retest now and I don’t think I’ll be nearly as nervous as I was for my first test.

I had my retest booked by my instructor the same day and having to wait another two weeks  and having to pay the £62 for the test is annoying, but I should hopefully have learnt my lesson and not forget my blind spot next time! Oh, and not to forget anything else!!

The test really isn’t anything to worry about or get worked up and nervous over. It ruined my chances of passing and put my concentration off. Yeah, some nerves are good but you need to make sure you’re prepared before. Get yourself a good nights sleep, wake up early and fresh with a big healthy breakfast to help improve your concentration. Just remember to over exaggerate your observations, you won’t get penalized for using them too much but for not using them enough!

Remember the best drivers pass 2nd time around ;) l_plate

Good Luck!


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