Health Benefits Of Cycling!

So, the other half has taken up yet a new hobby, this time cycling. Don’t get me wrong, him having a hobby is great but on an impulse he brought a £300 trek road bike which he’s probably going to lose interest in. I have heard biking can be one of the most effortless but most effective exercises, so I decided to look into it to see what I could find.cycling_park_image

Cycling is a fantastic way to get fit and a great deal of people use a bicycle on their daily commute for both exercise purposes and the sheer practicality of it. Just ten minutes of cycling will burn over 100 calories and doing this daily will give you fantastic definition in your leg muscles.

While cycling is great for working your legs it is also great for working your abdominal area and upper body as holding the correct posture can have the same effect as isometric exercises. This form of exercise will also increase your muscular endurance as well as your cardiovascular capabilities.

Cardiovascular fitness is vital in leading a healthy life and cycling is a great way to get your heart beating faster and keeping it at a sustained rate, combining cycling and running can be a great mix and throwing in some weight training can give your full body a nice workout.

If cardiovascular training isn’t your kind of thing then you are probably more like me. I thoroughly enjoy my circuit training sessions, however, with repetitive activities such as cycling and running I do find myself becoming bored and restless. I do still however throw in a 5 km bike ride at the end of my circuits to give myself that little extra push and to push myself that little bit further.

Cycling isn’t just great for your fitness, many people’s lives are full of daily stresses from work or children. Cycling will see you out and about in the countryside and can give you that bit of time you need to get your head together.

So get on your bike, whether you go it alone or go with your partner or even kids, its a great way to get out doors and get that exercise that your body craves.


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