£1,000 Spent On Prom!

A mother from Telford has splashed out more than £1000 on giving her daughter the prom night of her life after she had been a victim to bullying after five long years.

Hayley with Daughter Paige in her Prom Dress

Hayley with Daughter Paige in her Prom Dress

Hairdresser Hayley Harker, was determined to give her daughter the best of everything that she spent just over a grand to give her daughter, Paige, 16 the best night ever. Paige had endured bullying for the whole of her high school career and was determined not to go to her prom, but mother Hayley pursauded her daughter to go after she said she would have the best of everything for her high school leaving prom to mark the end of ‘five years of hell’.

‘I just wanted Paige to have what she wanted, she deserved it and I had promised that I’d make her look beautiful and have an amazing prom- no expense spared’ Hayley said.

Paige had been the victim of bullying since she started in year seven, she was bullied online using MSN messenger, she was verbally abused during classes and outside of school and she was also disgustingly tripped over and kicked on many occasions. Rumors were continuously being spread about the 16 year old and Paige was beginning to feel more and more isolated, it was then Paige tried to leave school and refused to go to her prom. ‘I hated school, it was a constant struggle. I was called names and people even tried to push me down a flight of stairs. It was horrible.’

Hayley said ‘She had such a awful time at school, she really hated going, but I didn’t want her to drop out, so I decided to try and convince her to stay with the promise of an amazing prom.’

Hayley had the dress made for her six months before the prom as an incentive to work hard at her exams and stay in school. Paige’s dressed was designed and made for her in China, they spent ages choosing material and made it completely unique and hers! The dress cost £240 to be custom made.

Hayley also splashed out on a Katie Price’s carriage she had for her wedding rather than a more traditional prom car in midlands which cost £600 to hire for the night. Paige also had;

£25 Acrylic French Manicure extensions
£45 Eyelash extensions
£25 Spray Tan
AND £100 on shoes and accessories!!

Paige had the same carriage that Katie Price had at her Wedding

Paige had the same carriage that Katie Price had at her Wedding

But she said of her daughter’s prom night: ’It was all worth it to see her dressed up and happy. I was welling up.’

Paige said: ‘I am relieved to be finally leaving and looking forward to starting beauty college in September.’

Her mother added: ‘She was almost not going to go to college because of the bullies. She was prepared to sacrifice her career. But now she has had her perfect prom and closed that door, I am so pleased she is looking forward to the future and happy I could give her the prom she wanted, it was worth all the money.’


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