Russel Brand Celebrates After Give it Up For Comic Relief

Russell Brand doesn’t tend to have the best of reputations, especially with the BBC, but he surprised crowds with his hosting skills at Give it Up for Comic Relief. As a matter of fact, Brand, 37 emerged at the centre of the evening with his mixture of comedy and touching tributes to late best friend Amy Winehouse as fellow comic Frankie Boyle’s controversial jokes bombed with the audience at Wembley Arena.

The BBC later apologised for Boyle’s performance and axed him from any TV coverage. The comedians jokes included public figures such as the Queen and Kate Middleton as well as the late Amy Winehouse and others. Although some reviews of the comedians performance were very derogatory, some others were quite complimentary, mentioning pantomime like booing and members of the audience being in fits of laughter at the performance. Boyle himself even acknowledged that there was no way that the BBC would air his performance. Jack Whitehall was another big name comedian to be dropped from the TV coverage of the charity event.

Russell and Amy back in the day.

Russell and Amy back in the day.

It certainly was no surprise that Brand, who has previously struggled with addiction, wanted to celebrate his success after the show. He headed to the Embassy club in Mayfair with Noel Fielding and several woman in tow. A source has told that the 37 year old had hookahs and Persian rugs laid out and ordered pots of English breakfast tea for his guests. The comedian’s rider at the venue also included special indoor electronic shisha pipes in the VIP area for him and his guests. ‘The women were all over Russell when he got in the room and he was soon joined by around 20 beautiful women at his table.’ The club has always been a favourite of Russell’s since he was caught back in 2008 in the staff toilets with two half naked women.

He amazed the 12,000 plus audience with his brilliant hosting skills, he opened the show by getting an attractive woman to text a sponsorship. He told his share of good jokes and the crowd was clearly enjoying it. The jokes were then swapped for a more inspirational message, especially dedicated to his late best friend Amy Winehouse in July 2011.

Russell really managed to achieve the right mixture of comedy and seriousness by alternating his jokes with serious messages about the danger of addiction.


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