Spray On Coating Repels Stains!

It seems almost impossible, but it’s not. A product has been made which repels all sorts of liquids of fabrics, surfaces and other things just by spraying a simple $20 solution to whatever you want to protect. NeverWet is a super hydrophobic spray, which actively repels any type of liquid from ruining anything from your favourite frock to your best pair of white trainers from getting covered in stains!

The product was designed by a company called Ross Technology. The problem they were faced with was rusting pipelines on sea bed Oil Analysis Stations and the job was to find a solution that would protect the metals from the water and the oxidising effect that can have. The resulting product seems as if it will have endless possibilities in many different industries.article-2359633-1AC100ED000005DC-592_634x424

This product came about as scientists delved further into researching the incredible hydro-phobic properties of the Asian Lotus Flower. So you might be wondering how this incredible product works? Tiny particles are formed by the product that are nearly perfectly circular, this causes any substance that might have ended up on the material to run off as if it is on glass.

This product has been extensively tested and has also been tried on on gadgets such as different apple products that are notoriously susceptible to suffering a watery grave. The firm carried out an experiment that saw them completely submerge an iPhone in a container of water only for the phone to be removed half an hour later with no damage at all.

The product can be used for all manner of different applications including shielding surfaces from ice, whether that is a car windscreen or even in a padlock (for extremely cold locations), moreover, this product could even be used to ensure that less bacteria cling to something like a toilet brush or scrubber.

 Regardless of what you would use this product for, it really is an incredible development in the world of clothing, electronics and industrial technology.

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