Extreme Weight Loss Treatments.

Everyone gets to that point where they seem so desperate that they’ll do anything to help them lose weight. Well this is the wackiest weight loss treatment I’ve seen so far. Although people have been enjoying fantastic results using this treatment, it involves one of the unhealthiest diet tactic, starving yourself.0706-tongue-patch

A new ‘miracle’ patch is this ‘amazing’ weight loss treatment. You basically fork out £2000 for a ten minute procedure where surgeons numb your tongue and then Stitch a plastic square to your tongue!!

The procedure has been to work best for people who have tried and tried their hardest to shift the pounds but can’t control their cravings. So the plastic patch is sewed on their tongue using six stitches, so that you don’t have the ability to be able to eat. Bear in mind that this sort of procedure should only even enter your head-space when you have exhausted all other possibilities.

Because of the extreme pain which is caused when you try and eat with the patch, people are forced not to eat and only drink restrictive 800 calorie shakes on a liquid only diet!

The procedure was launched and produced by plastic surgeon Nikolas Chugay and charges £2000 for the plastic patch to be stitched to your tongue in a ten minute procedure. I think it really says something about a person when they have to use pain to stop themselves eating?!

Many people are very sceptical about the procedure, yes it does seem to bring the weight off and keep it off but only for as long as you have the patch on. Evidence hasn’t been found into the effects of what the patch does to the tongue; can it permanently take your taste away? Will it cause pain even after it’s out? Other doctors are very sceptical about the patches effectiveness over time.

The patients paid for the procedure and seem very happy with their 20 pound weight loss in the first month. They could just have the calorie drinks and use a little bit of will power to defeat the cravings?

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