Crane to the rescue!

Two crane lorries had to be brought into to help deal with a serious accident at Coquitlam Centre Mall last week after a rubbish truck driver failed to lower the bin of the vehicle low enough and hit a beam in the loading bay.160b

The truck hit a 10 foot steel beam, knocking it off the brick supports and it came crashing down on the cab of the truck. The driver managed to call emergency services and he was pulled out of the cab of the truck and taken to hospital with only minor injuries.

The real mission was to get the large steel beam off the truck, being made of hundreds of bricks and a great deal of metal, the beam weighed in at more than a couple of tonnes. In the end it took the efforts of a Crane Lorry team combined with the efforts of the emergency services in order to shift the heavy debris.

They sent two hydraulic cranes, one weighing 120 tonnes and the other weighing 200 tonnes to perform the dual lift. The total weight of the lift was suspected to be around 44,000 lbs and that weight combined with the length and size of the beam meant that moving it was a very delicate and challenging operation.

Luckily no one was hurt in this incident and the beam was purely an architectural feature meaning that it held no structural value for the main building itself. Due to it’s size the beam had to be demolished on site and then loaded into trucks to be transported to a location where it can be disposed of.

There are no plans to re-install the beam as there are fears that a similar accident could occur at some point in the future.

As you can see from the image I have included with this article, the driver was incredibly lucky to be able to walk away from this incident with only minor scrapes, after the mass of bricks and steel had been removed from the cab there was very little that made it recognisable as a truck, let alone vehicle.

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