Benefits of using a Scissor lift!

A scissor lift is another name for a table lift, it’s basically a platform designed to carry, lift and lower either people or large loads. The reason for it being called a scissor lift is because of its criss-cross supports which are underneath the platform which slowly lift up the platform and it looks like scissors. On most models of scissor lifts, there are operation panels on both the bottom and on the platform so you can either control the height of the lift from the platform or someone else can control it from below.

Scissor lifts can be powered by hydraulic, mechanical or pneumatic power and can come in various different models, sizes and types. It was originally designed to be used in industrial workplaces but today they can be designed to be used in retail warehouses and wholesale environments where perhaps stock in stored.

Scissor lifts can be a brilliant machine to have in a workplace because they can help you reach areas and heights which may be unable to reach alone. Some models can even reach to around 20 metres!

Not only can it help you reach these heights but you have the confidence of knowing you’re extremely safe if you go on the platform because they are designed for people to stand on them and be lifted. (The platforms have safety barriers and bars. Users are encouraged to wear harnesses and hard hats whilst being lift in case of accidental falls.)

The operation panels which are usually situated on top of the platforms and also at the bottom of the scissor lift are incredibly easy to control and use, they also make it very simple to move and operate the scissor lift whilst the platform is lifted.

Scissor lifts can be lifted both whilst stationary and whilst moving which can be quite useful for people who need to collect different items from a long shelf perhaps. Some models of scissor lifts can also have turntables attached to allow the operator to rotate whilst up high, this particularly helps with productivity, time saving and also minimises the risk of injury.


The best thing about scissor lifts is that they are small and when they’re not in use they don’t take up much space in a warehouse. They are also very cheap to run and don’t need that much maintenance. Scissor lifts can be a great piece of machinery to have in your warehouse or storage unit especially if you have goods and products up high on shelves!

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