How to get a work placement

Alongside a raft of qualifications, work experience placements are one of the expected additions to any CV these days, and the success of an application can often turn on the type of placement that has been done, or even whether there have been work experience placements at all.

If you’re looking to secure yourself a spot then applying for work experience placements early is a key part of the process. Schemes tend to get full several months in advance, particularly if you’re looking to get a place on a scheme in an especially popular industry. So, before you start your applications make a timeline of the various application deadlines and work out when you need to complete everything in order not to miss them. Be aware that some work experience placements book up years in advance – this is not unusual – so be prepared for a long wait in between being accepted and starting the scheme.

Once you know when your applications need to be in then it’s time to work on the applications themselves. Your CV is absolutely key here, so take some time to bring it up to date and to make your skills and experience look as attractive as possible. Remember that, at this early stage, you won’t necessarily be expected to have rafts of qualifications and a vast amount of experience so include everything that you have done rather than worrying about what you haven’t. This could include voluntary work, fundraising, organising social groups and clubs, mentoring, or taking on positions at school or university such as student president or representative.

With a strong CV and an organised attitude it’s easy to get the work experience placements that you want. Just remember to approach the process with confidence and highlight all the best aspects of you as a potential employee – there are bound to be many.

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