How To Organise Your School/Gym/Work Locker

A messy locker can become a real pain for you whenever you need to make use of it. Lockers can spew out things out at will until organised properly and if organised correctly you will have everything you need to hand and plenty more room to store those items that you need.

The first step is to think about how long it’s going to take you to organise your locker fully. Minor changes can be carried out willy nilly on breaks or before your session, however, tidying the whole locker or cleaning it out will take much longer. If you plan on cleaning out your work locker and don’t have time on your lunch break then you should either arrive early or finish late, both if necessary. While it might be a pain, it’s better to do an overhaul and then maintain it than do a little bit at a time.

To start the organisation step you should remove everything from your locker and lay it out on a desk or on the floor. At this point you should organise it into three different piles.

  1. Things that you want to remain in your locker.
  2. Things that you think should be thrown away.
  3. Things that you want to take home.

By doing this you will have a clear view of how many things you will have to organise into your locker. You should also take advantage of your empty locker and clean it out. Using a cloth soaked in warm water mixed with soap to clean the inside of your locker is advisable and it’s also advantageous to keep a spare cloth to hand to dry out your locker once cleaned.

Dispose safely of anything you set out to be thrown away and then organise anything you want to keep in your locker so that you know that you need it in your locker.

  • Will you use it soon? If not then you should take it home and bring it back when you need it.
  • Try to avoid leaving valuables in your locker, unfortunately there are some shady people in this world and they might choose to try and take valuables from your locker especially if they know valuable items are in there.

Place flat or durable objects at the bottom of your locker and then make use of any hook or rail fitted in your lockers. You might also decide to keep a container or tub in your locker to organise smaller objects that might be easily lost otherwise.

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