Tips for Driving in Snow

Winter is not a great season for driving and it’s important that you exercise extreme caution in adverse weather conditions throughout the year; winter doesn’t just bring snow but also fog, heavy rain, ice, hail and even high winds.


Snow can be very dangerous, especially when combined with any kind of motor vehicle.Snow Covered Tyre

  • Motorcycles- My only advice for riding motorcycles in snow is don’t. Snow is hazardous when you have four wheels planted on the ground, even on partially cleared roads, straying onto just one patch of remaining snow will teach you a very swift lesson.
  • Tyres- Poor tyre tread will take away the little grip that you have and if you live in rural areas that aren’t cleared then you might even think about investing in and fitting some winter tyres with deeper tread.
  • Screen-wash- Most good quality screen-washes work down to temperatures of below -30 and if yours doesn’t then it’s worth finding some that does. It could get you out of a sticky situation in extreme conditions.
  • Get up earlier- I personally know how difficult it is to force myself from bed on a cold and dark winter morning, however, it’s of paramount importance that you clear your car of snow and ice should you need to. Never leave snow on top of your vehicle as it may affect your own vision or the vision of another driver.
  • Acceleration- the accelerator should be used with extreme caution in snowy conditions and being gentle is the key. Over-reliance on low gears will result in wheel slip and therefore you should try to stick between 2nd and 3rd gear at slow speed.
  • Skidding- It can be very scary if your vehicle loses grip and begins to skid, however, you must try to remain calm and regain control of your vehicle, if you panic and go into shut-down or do the wrong thing then you won’t be able to regain control. Steer into the skid to regain traction e.g. if the rear of your car is skidding to the left then you must steer your car to the left. Do not just stamp on the brake pedal as this will only make the situation worse.
  • Speed & Manoeuvring- Each of these things should be maintained at minimal levels. Drive slowly and give yourself plenty of extra time to turn or brake as it’s easy to lose control in winter conditions.
  • Tyre Tracks- You should not be reliant on tyre tracks, the tracks of cars before you can freeze and deliver less traction to your tyres than unpacked snow will.


Tips and advice provided by a member of the team from CBR Motor Bodies, specialising in classic car transport and repair.

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