Pro’s & Con’s of a Personal Trainer.

Thinking of hiring a personal trainer? Struggling to lose those pounds or failing with your body sculpting? The demand for persona trainers has escalated as the fitness revolution has truly taken a hold. Well before you go ahead and hire one, take a look at the pro’s and con’s I’ve drawn up and then make your decision. PersonalTrainer-photo



Personal trainers will have the knowledge to tailor and design a training program to your specific needs and goals. Your personal trainer will assess your fitness in a whole and discuss realistic goals with you and how you will reach them. A good program should be a very varied mix of cardio, strength and stretch. Remember though, anyone can call themselves a personal trainer, so if you have your doubts ask for their qualification proof.


A personal trainer will be monitoring your every move, making sure you’re doing exercises correctly in order to avoid injury or over straining. If you’re doing an exercise wrong, a good personal trainer will put it right.


The best thing about having a personal trainer is probably the amount of motivation you’ll get. The trainer will cheer you on to push that little bit further than last time, you’re paying them so they will try any method to get you moving and improving!


By having regular exercise appointments booked into your week, it will ensure you have a greater level of commitment and personal trainers won’t take dumb excuses for not being able to exercise, they won’t stand for attendance issues.


Not only will they help motivate you and ensure your exercising correctly, but they will also celebrate and award your little wins and give you more support if you’re having a tough time. Some trainers have been seen to be that dedicated to their clients, that the clients have to send pictures of their meals to their trainers!


As with most things, you cannot rely on someone else to be your solution to something as they can also have their cons.


First of the all, the cost of personal trainers. The demand for trainers has escalated and the cost for them has as well. Consider different options before you look into personal trainers. If you’re worried about motivation, ask a friend to train with you it’s free!

Over Reliance

You need to learn to exercise by yourself as well as with a trainer, most people can only afford 2 sessions a week with a trainer so you need to be exercising in between. You also need to think about if your trainer goes on holiday what you going to do for a week?

Lack of Experience

Just because someone has the qualification or read the book, doesn’t mean they have the knowledge to put it into practice. Ensure your trainer has the right experience in working to goals and achievements.

Lack of Progression

Some trainers will get you to your goal and then be finished. Good personal trainers will get you to your goal and then see if you can improve on that, perhaps not lose anymore weight but improve your fitness and keep the weight off. They should also give you regular assessments and modify your program as you progress.

Getting too Familiar

Just because you’ll be spending a lot of time with a trainer, doesn’t mean you have a new friend. You have employed them for their services, don’t let a trainer get too comfortable around you or stop putting as much effort in because you’re ‘buds’.


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