6 Easy Steps to Weight Loss

Everyone always wants to lose a bit of weight, they take on so many tips and diets which all sound so easy and simple but weight loss is never simple until you understand it. Weight loss is 80% diet and only 20% exercise, so no matter how much you kill yourself in the gym, if you’re not eating right – then you’re not going to make much impact.slimming

You need to reduce your food intake if you’re having big meals all the time, not to the point where you’re eating nothing. But healthy sized portions are best and you need to make sure you reduce all the salty, fatty and greasy aspects of your meals.

Start to drink water or juice drinks rather than fizzy drinks- they contain a massive amount of much sugar and are one of the main culprits of people struggling to lose weight. Also beware natural fruit juices as sugar content in these can also be very high.

Walk as much as you can, even if it’s just up and down the stairs at your place of work rather than using an elevator, it all makes a difference. You should also try and do at least one hour of exercise per day whether that is cycling, jogging, weight lifting or a combination of the three.

Have a go at some ultrasound slimming treatments, they help break up the fat cells in your body and along with a healthy exercise and diet it helps you drop the pounds much quicker and also tones you.

Cut out the fast food, it’s easier to say than do. But making yourself pack lunches and dinners is so much better than constantly snacking on fat compacted burgers from the beloved McDonald’s, pizzas and other takeaways. Eating at home can also help you save a hell of a lot by actually buying fresh and healthy foods! The odd takeaway is okay, but your day in day out food should be well balanced and include plenty of fruits and veggies.


Take a before and after picture of your body, when you start to see the results improving in your after pictures it will give you that confidence to keep moving and keep shifting those pounds. The healthy lifestyle will also change you mentally because you’ll feel alive, alert, and healthy and all round confident!

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