Gourmet Foods Growing Reputation…

The Isle of Wight is a place which you would better known for their sandy beaches and beautiful coastlines, but it seems the island is growing a reputation for gourmet foods. The island produces fantastic crops of tomatoes, free range succulent meat, the best cheese in Britain, top notch dairy ice cream and the best shellfish on offer through the UK.1

If you decide to visit the Isle then you should be sure to check out the Isle’s Taste Trail. The new Wright Taste Trail booklet is a guide to local delis, specialist and farm shops and also restaurants and pubs.

There is a great selection of places to wine & dine and sample some of the finest delicacies and produce that the Isle of Wight has to offer to its visitors. There is also a pub for every square mile of the Island, they are all very friendly, characteristic pubs, the majority of them serve food and a lot of them offer cheap and friendly accommodation.

The Wight taste trail is a plotted course of 20 stops gourmet foods course which features the pick of the Island’s Wight food producers and restaurants which all demonstrate the Island’s strong commitment to cooking with the fresh Island ingredients

As well as having the best gourmet food the British Isles can offer, they also offer history trails, Wight safaris, church trails, cycling trails and many, many more. There is so much to do on this tiny Island and it’s good for the whole family to enjoy! With the many of different fun guides which are readily available from the Wight Link website, which tells you everything you need to know, you have no limit for your Isle of Wight get away! You can either download and print off the guides or even request your free brochures through the post by first class post.


It’s a great summer get away for any family of any size and you can even bring the dog!

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