How to get a work placement

Alongside a raft of qualifications, work experience placements are one of the expected additions to any CV these days, and the success of an application can often turn on the type of placement that has been done, or even whether there have been work experience placements at all.

If you’re looking to secure yourself a spot then applying for work experience placements early is a key part of the process. Schemes tend to get full several months in advance, particularly if you’re looking to get a place on a scheme in an especially popular industry. So, before you start your applications make a timeline of the various application deadlines and work out when you need to complete everything in order not to miss them. Be aware that some work experience placements book up years in advance – this is not unusual – so be prepared for a long wait in between being accepted and starting the scheme.

Once you know when your applications need to be in then it’s time to work on the applications themselves. Your CV is absolutely key here, so take some time to bring it up to date and to make your skills and experience look as attractive as possible. Remember that, at this early stage, you won’t necessarily be expected to have rafts of qualifications and a vast amount of experience so include everything that you have done rather than worrying about what you haven’t. This could include voluntary work, fundraising, organising social groups and clubs, mentoring, or taking on positions at school or university such as student president or representative.

With a strong CV and an organised attitude it’s easy to get the work experience placements that you want. Just remember to approach the process with confidence and highlight all the best aspects of you as a potential employee – there are bound to be many.

Benefits of using a Scissor lift!

A scissor lift is another name for a table lift, it’s basically a platform designed to carry, lift and lower either people or large loads. The reason for it being called a scissor lift is because of its criss-cross supports which are underneath the platform which slowly lift up the platform and it looks like scissors. On most models of scissor lifts, there are operation panels on both the bottom and on the platform so you can either control the height of the lift from the platform or someone else can control it from below.

Scissor lifts can be powered by hydraulic, mechanical or pneumatic power and can come in various different models, sizes and types. It was originally designed to be used in industrial workplaces but today they can be designed to be used in retail warehouses and wholesale environments where perhaps stock in stored.

Scissor lifts can be a brilliant machine to have in a workplace because they can help you reach areas and heights which may be unable to reach alone. Some models can even reach to around 20 metres!

Not only can it help you reach these heights but you have the confidence of knowing you’re extremely safe if you go on the platform because they are designed for people to stand on them and be lifted. (The platforms have safety barriers and bars. Users are encouraged to wear harnesses and hard hats whilst being lift in case of accidental falls.)

The operation panels which are usually situated on top of the platforms and also at the bottom of the scissor lift are incredibly easy to control and use, they also make it very simple to move and operate the scissor lift whilst the platform is lifted.

Scissor lifts can be lifted both whilst stationary and whilst moving which can be quite useful for people who need to collect different items from a long shelf perhaps. Some models of scissor lifts can also have turntables attached to allow the operator to rotate whilst up high, this particularly helps with productivity, time saving and also minimises the risk of injury.


The best thing about scissor lifts is that they are small and when they’re not in use they don’t take up much space in a warehouse. They are also very cheap to run and don’t need that much maintenance. Scissor lifts can be a great piece of machinery to have in your warehouse or storage unit especially if you have goods and products up high on shelves!

Crane to the rescue!

Two crane lorries had to be brought into to help deal with a serious accident at Coquitlam Centre Mall last week after a rubbish truck driver failed to lower the bin of the vehicle low enough and hit a beam in the loading bay.160b

The truck hit a 10 foot steel beam, knocking it off the brick supports and it came crashing down on the cab of the truck. The driver managed to call emergency services and he was pulled out of the cab of the truck and taken to hospital with only minor injuries.

The real mission was to get the large steel beam off the truck, being made of hundreds of bricks and a great deal of metal, the beam weighed in at more than a couple of tonnes. In the end it took the efforts of a Crane Lorry team combined with the efforts of the emergency services in order to shift the heavy debris.

They sent two hydraulic cranes, one weighing 120 tonnes and the other weighing 200 tonnes to perform the dual lift. The total weight of the lift was suspected to be around 44,000 lbs and that weight combined with the length and size of the beam meant that moving it was a very delicate and challenging operation.

Luckily no one was hurt in this incident and the beam was purely an architectural feature meaning that it held no structural value for the main building itself. Due to it’s size the beam had to be demolished on site and then loaded into trucks to be transported to a location where it can be disposed of.

There are no plans to re-install the beam as there are fears that a similar accident could occur at some point in the future.

As you can see from the image I have included with this article, the driver was incredibly lucky to be able to walk away from this incident with only minor scrapes, after the mass of bricks and steel had been removed from the cab there was very little that made it recognisable as a truck, let alone vehicle.

Extreme Weight Loss Treatments.

Everyone gets to that point where they seem so desperate that they’ll do anything to help them lose weight. Well this is the wackiest weight loss treatment I’ve seen so far. Although people have been enjoying fantastic results using this treatment, it involves one of the unhealthiest diet tactic, starving yourself.0706-tongue-patch

A new ‘miracle’ patch is this ‘amazing’ weight loss treatment. You basically fork out £2000 for a ten minute procedure where surgeons numb your tongue and then Stitch a plastic square to your tongue!!

The procedure has been to work best for people who have tried and tried their hardest to shift the pounds but can’t control their cravings. So the plastic patch is sewed on their tongue using six stitches, so that you don’t have the ability to be able to eat. Bear in mind that this sort of procedure should only even enter your head-space when you have exhausted all other possibilities.

Because of the extreme pain which is caused when you try and eat with the patch, people are forced not to eat and only drink restrictive 800 calorie shakes on a liquid only diet!

The procedure was launched and produced by plastic surgeon Nikolas Chugay and charges £2000 for the plastic patch to be stitched to your tongue in a ten minute procedure. I think it really says something about a person when they have to use pain to stop themselves eating?!

Many people are very sceptical about the procedure, yes it does seem to bring the weight off and keep it off but only for as long as you have the patch on. Evidence hasn’t been found into the effects of what the patch does to the tongue; can it permanently take your taste away? Will it cause pain even after it’s out? Other doctors are very sceptical about the patches effectiveness over time.

The patients paid for the procedure and seem very happy with their 20 pound weight loss in the first month. They could just have the calorie drinks and use a little bit of will power to defeat the cravings?

Spray On Coating Repels Stains!

It seems almost impossible, but it’s not. A product has been made which repels all sorts of liquids of fabrics, surfaces and other things just by spraying a simple $20 solution to whatever you want to protect. NeverWet is a super hydrophobic spray, which actively repels any type of liquid from ruining anything from your favourite frock to your best pair of white trainers from getting covered in stains!

The product was designed by a company called Ross Technology. The problem they were faced with was rusting pipelines on sea bed Oil Analysis Stations and the job was to find a solution that would protect the metals from the water and the oxidising effect that can have. The resulting product seems as if it will have endless possibilities in many different industries.article-2359633-1AC100ED000005DC-592_634x424

This product came about as scientists delved further into researching the incredible hydro-phobic properties of the Asian Lotus Flower. So you might be wondering how this incredible product works? Tiny particles are formed by the product that are nearly perfectly circular, this causes any substance that might have ended up on the material to run off as if it is on glass.

This product has been extensively tested and has also been tried on on gadgets such as different apple products that are notoriously susceptible to suffering a watery grave. The firm carried out an experiment that saw them completely submerge an iPhone in a container of water only for the phone to be removed half an hour later with no damage at all.

The product can be used for all manner of different applications including shielding surfaces from ice, whether that is a car windscreen or even in a padlock (for extremely cold locations), moreover, this product could even be used to ensure that less bacteria cling to something like a toilet brush or scrubber.

 Regardless of what you would use this product for, it really is an incredible development in the world of clothing, electronics and industrial technology.

Pigeons Never Forget a Face..

It has been found that the little critters that flood our town centres are cleverer than we think. Feral, untrained pigeons can recognise individuals and are not fooled by change of clothes or hairstyle! Scientists have shown that urban pigeons that have never been handled by humans can recognise individual people by their facial characteristics. The first evidence of pigeon intelligence was spotted in racing pigeons due to their fantastic tracking skills.

Two scientists fed pigeons in a park in Paris City Centre.  The researchers were both of a similar height and build but were wearing different coloured lab coats. One of them simply ignored the pigeons allowing them to feed whilst the other was hostile, and chased them away. They then had a session where neither of the researchers chased the pigeons away. After several trials it was found that the pigeons started to avoid the researcher which chased them even when he stopped doing it, this showed that pigeons could recognise the individual.article-2011161-0D17AF1E000005DC-811_468x333

Even when they swapped lab coats and did the test again, the pigeons continued to avoid the individual who had initially chased them. Interestingly, the untrained feral pigeons used the most relevant characteristics of the individuals – probably their facial traits instead of the lab coats that covered 90% of their body. The pigeons appeared to understand clothing colour was not a good way of telling humans apart, which suggests birds have developed abilities to discriminate between humans in particular.

Dr Dalila, the co-author of the study said future work will focus on identifying whether pigeons learn that humans often change clothes and so use more stable characteristics for recognition perhaps? Or if there is a genetic basis for this ability, linked to domestication or having evolved in an urban environment?

The study was base on the fact that Crows have excellent memories for recognizing faces and can apparently tell the difference between a friendly face and a dangerous one. The birds have said to be as intelligent as chimpanzees and will remember the face of someone who has posed a threat to them for at least 5 years.

Russel Brand Celebrates After Give it Up For Comic Relief

Russell Brand doesn’t tend to have the best of reputations, especially with the BBC, but he surprised crowds with his hosting skills at Give it Up for Comic Relief. As a matter of fact, Brand, 37 emerged at the centre of the evening with his mixture of comedy and touching tributes to late best friend Amy Winehouse as fellow comic Frankie Boyle’s controversial jokes bombed with the audience at Wembley Arena.

The BBC later apologised for Boyle’s performance and axed him from any TV coverage. The comedians jokes included public figures such as the Queen and Kate Middleton as well as the late Amy Winehouse and others. Although some reviews of the comedians performance were very derogatory, some others were quite complimentary, mentioning pantomime like booing and members of the audience being in fits of laughter at the performance. Boyle himself even acknowledged that there was no way that the BBC would air his performance. Jack Whitehall was another big name comedian to be dropped from the TV coverage of the charity event.

Russell and Amy back in the day.

Russell and Amy back in the day.

It certainly was no surprise that Brand, who has previously struggled with addiction, wanted to celebrate his success after the show. He headed to the Embassy club in Mayfair with Noel Fielding and several woman in tow. A source has told that the 37 year old had hookahs and Persian rugs laid out and ordered pots of English breakfast tea for his guests. The comedian’s rider at the venue also included special indoor electronic shisha pipes in the VIP area for him and his guests. ‘The women were all over Russell when he got in the room and he was soon joined by around 20 beautiful women at his table.’ The club has always been a favourite of Russell’s since he was caught back in 2008 in the staff toilets with two half naked women.

He amazed the 12,000 plus audience with his brilliant hosting skills, he opened the show by getting an attractive woman to text a sponsorship. He told his share of good jokes and the crowd was clearly enjoying it. The jokes were then swapped for a more inspirational message, especially dedicated to his late best friend Amy Winehouse in July 2011.

Russell really managed to achieve the right mixture of comedy and seriousness by alternating his jokes with serious messages about the danger of addiction.


£1,000 Spent On Prom!

A mother from Telford has splashed out more than £1000 on giving her daughter the prom night of her life after she had been a victim to bullying after five long years.

Hayley with Daughter Paige in her Prom Dress

Hayley with Daughter Paige in her Prom Dress

Hairdresser Hayley Harker, was determined to give her daughter the best of everything that she spent just over a grand to give her daughter, Paige, 16 the best night ever. Paige had endured bullying for the whole of her high school career and was determined not to go to her prom, but mother Hayley pursauded her daughter to go after she said she would have the best of everything for her high school leaving prom to mark the end of ‘five years of hell’.

‘I just wanted Paige to have what she wanted, she deserved it and I had promised that I’d make her look beautiful and have an amazing prom- no expense spared’ Hayley said.

Paige had been the victim of bullying since she started in year seven, she was bullied online using MSN messenger, she was verbally abused during classes and outside of school and she was also disgustingly tripped over and kicked on many occasions. Rumors were continuously being spread about the 16 year old and Paige was beginning to feel more and more isolated, it was then Paige tried to leave school and refused to go to her prom. ‘I hated school, it was a constant struggle. I was called names and people even tried to push me down a flight of stairs. It was horrible.’

Hayley said ‘She had such a awful time at school, she really hated going, but I didn’t want her to drop out, so I decided to try and convince her to stay with the promise of an amazing prom.’

Hayley had the dress made for her six months before the prom as an incentive to work hard at her exams and stay in school. Paige’s dressed was designed and made for her in China, they spent ages choosing material and made it completely unique and hers! The dress cost £240 to be custom made.

Hayley also splashed out on a Katie Price’s carriage she had for her wedding rather than a more traditional prom car in midlands which cost £600 to hire for the night. Paige also had;

£25 Acrylic French Manicure extensions
£45 Eyelash extensions
£25 Spray Tan
AND £100 on shoes and accessories!!

Paige had the same carriage that Katie Price had at her Wedding

Paige had the same carriage that Katie Price had at her Wedding

But she said of her daughter’s prom night: ’It was all worth it to see her dressed up and happy. I was welling up.’

Paige said: ‘I am relieved to be finally leaving and looking forward to starting beauty college in September.’

Her mother added: ‘She was almost not going to go to college because of the bullies. She was prepared to sacrifice her career. But now she has had her perfect prom and closed that door, I am so pleased she is looking forward to the future and happy I could give her the prom she wanted, it was worth all the money.’


Signs You’re Eating Too Much Lycopene

Lycopene is a type of anti-oxidising pigment that gives foods like tomatoes, red carrots, papayas and watermelons their red colour. Many lycopene supplement products have been recently released on to the market and medical breakthroughs have been popping up everywhere, but what happens if you have too much? Like with everything, your body will start to react if it’s getting too much of something. But how will you tell? Well these signs below will tell you;images

Studies have shown that no more than 15mg of lycopene a day is absolutely fine and you should get good effects from it, but one study has found that certain side effects can occur if you are consuming 30mg a day, double the recommended dosage.

Immune system imbalance; over loading on lycopene can affect how well your immune system functions and can stop your body from fighting common microbes, bacteria and viruses.

Although lycopene has been proven to help prevent the risk of prostate cancer, it has also been proven that taking too much lycopene if you already have the cancer can in fact worsen the already existing disease. It has also been known to worsen lung cancer and other cardiovascular diseases, particularly in smokers.

Allergic reactions have been known to flare up if you take way too many. Which may present itself as a rash, chest constriction or swelling. If any of these symptoms occur when taking lycopene supplements, stop taking them immediately and visit your GP.937_-tomato-pill_166x138

Intestinal problems have been known to show up when taking more than 30mg of the supplement a day you’ll be prone to experience problems like; bloating, gas, indigestion, diarrhea, vomiting and nausea.

You’re skin can change to a faint orange colour if you take more than the recommended dose for a long period of time.

Since lycopene is entirely essential nutrient and is normally found in get fit diets, this means taking too much is definitely unnecessary!


Is This The World’s Most Ridiculous Baby Gift?

With the much anticipated due date of the royal baby only a matter of days away, it comes to no surprise that designers, socialites and celebrities alike are battling out to make and buy the royal couple the most extravagant gifts to welcome the new royal baby!baby gift

One company were so determined to impress the royals that they hired celebrity designer Theo Fennell to help create the most lavish baby gift so far for the Duchess.

Theo created a jewel-encrusted, 18 ct white gold charm bracelet worth £10,000, sounds nice right? But what’s it got to do with a baby you may ask? Well the bracelet doubles as a Sudocrem nappy rash holder. Theo who has made personalised jewellery for the likes of the Beckhams, Elton John and Madonna, was commissioned by Sudocrem to produce a bespoke bracelet which reflected the Sudocrem pot. The iconic functional bracelet pot has a closable lid to which the company said it will carry the perfect amount of the glorious nappy rash cream in style!

The gift is yet to be delivered to the royal couple as Sudocrem would like to engrave the baby’s initials on to a disc charm which will sit alongside the miniature cream pot. Theo said “I am thrilled to be the maker of this miniature pot and bracelet for Sudocrem. I understand it will go to a very good home.”

Theo is greatly known for his creation of bespoke trophies and gifts for companies, charities and events such as The Italian Formula One Grand Prix, The Monacoo Formula One Grand Prix, The Man of the Match Trophy for the FA Cup Final and the Nordorff Robbins Silver Clef Awards.The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge And Prince Harry Attend The Inauguration Of Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden

Other bizarre gifts which have already been given to the Duchess include; baby hampers full of goodies from the Finnish Social Security Service Kela which contained alot of usual baby gifts and then condoms! The former Australian prime minister, Julia Gillard, has handed knitted a kangaroo for the baby! And Kate’s uncle, Gary Goldsmith will get the baby Chelsea football club shares, then, when it’s older he will buy the young prince / princess a full tiny Chelsea Strip.