Health Benefits Of Cycling!

So, the other half has taken up yet a new hobby, this time cycling. Don’t get me wrong, him having a hobby is great but on an impulse he brought a £300 trek road bike which he’s probably going to lose interest in. I have heard biking can be one of the most effortless but most effective exercises, so I decided to look into it to see what I could find.cycling_park_image

Cycling is a fantastic way to get fit and a great deal of people use a bicycle on their daily commute for both exercise purposes and the sheer practicality of it. Just ten minutes of cycling will burn over 100 calories and doing this daily will give you fantastic definition in your leg muscles.

While cycling is great for working your legs it is also great for working your abdominal area and upper body as holding the correct posture can have the same effect as isometric exercises. This form of exercise will also increase your muscular endurance as well as your cardiovascular capabilities.

Cardiovascular fitness is vital in leading a healthy life and cycling is a great way to get your heart beating faster and keeping it at a sustained rate, combining cycling and running can be a great mix and throwing in some weight training can give your full body a nice workout.

If cardiovascular training isn’t your kind of thing then you are probably more like me. I thoroughly enjoy my circuit training sessions, however, with repetitive activities such as cycling and running I do find myself becoming bored and restless. I do still however throw in a 5 km bike ride at the end of my circuits to give myself that little extra push and to push myself that little bit further.

Cycling isn’t just great for your fitness, many people’s lives are full of daily stresses from work or children. Cycling will see you out and about in the countryside and can give you that bit of time you need to get your head together.

So get on your bike, whether you go it alone or go with your partner or even kids, its a great way to get out doors and get that exercise that your body craves.


My Driving Test Experience!

My driving test was probably the most daunting experience of my life, I’d never been so nervous in my entire life. I was confident I could drive, but I had no confidence in myself what so ever.

It was this that cost me my driving test, I was really panicked and because of that I think it knocked my concentration abit. If my driving instructor thought I wasn’t ready for my test then he wouldn’t have put me in for it, but he did, which obviously mean’t that I was a good enough safe driver. I just needed to have confidence in myself.

Driving with someone other than your driving instructor was the most scary part, a complete stranger judging your every move and mistake! Luckily for me, I had a very nice examiner, he let me stop for five and calm down and understood that I was very nervous. He talked me through the whole test and made conversation to try and calm me down.

The only thing that slipped me up was the fact that I didn’t check my blind spot! Usually i would have only got one minor, but because I kept forgetting to do it, the examiner failed me. You can only get the same minor 4 times before he fails you for it. I couldn’t help but beat myself up about it, if I had just checked my over my shoulder rather than having a quick glance, I would have passed.

I overly checked my mirrors and left blind spot, I just didn’t make it clear enough that I was checking it. You need to make it very obvious to the instructor that you’re checking, because on the off chance that they don’t see you (which is very unlikely) you can say you made it plainly obvious. Best not to argue with the examiner though.

As soon as I was told that I’d failed, my heart dropped. I wasn’t expecting to pass, but it was because I was so close to passing that I was so upset. If i had just checked that bloody blind spot, I would have passed with just 5 minors which is a very good pass. (You’re aloud to up 15 minors). Obviously I cried, I was devastated, but now I know what to expect for my retest now and I don’t think I’ll be nearly as nervous as I was for my first test.

I had my retest booked by my instructor the same day and having to wait another two weeks  and having to pay the £62 for the test is annoying, but I should hopefully have learnt my lesson and not forget my blind spot next time! Oh, and not to forget anything else!!

The test really isn’t anything to worry about or get worked up and nervous over. It ruined my chances of passing and put my concentration off. Yeah, some nerves are good but you need to make sure you’re prepared before. Get yourself a good nights sleep, wake up early and fresh with a big healthy breakfast to help improve your concentration. Just remember to over exaggerate your observations, you won’t get penalized for using them too much but for not using them enough!

Remember the best drivers pass 2nd time around ;) l_plate

Good Luck!


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Worker Killed by Stack of Rag Bales

A west yorkshire textile firm has been ordered to pay more than £115,000 in fines and costs for safety breaches, which lead to death of a worker being crushed and killed by a falling stack of rag bales.

A pallet truck operator James Welka aged 61, died in hospital just hours after the incident at the warehouse in Castle Bank Mills, Wakefield. James was in the warehouse making a call to a supervisor when the incident happened, a near by colleague driving a forklift was placing rag bales which unbalanced the bales near James causing them to toppled on top on him crushing him.rnn-yh-3713-pic1

He was rushed to hospital but was pronounced dead later that day from fatal injuries and internal bleeding. Mr Welka was apparently struck by 300 kg of rags when the column collapsed, doctors presumed that James had suffered with suffocation which later caused brain damage and also lead to his death.

The company has been sentenced for a serious breach of safety, they pleaded guilty at Leeds Crown Court in the proceedings brought by the health and safety executive. The court was told that the deceased was an experienced forklift operator who was on the phone to his supervisor when the incident happened. HSE had found that the company had stack the the rag bales unsafely, using vertical columns, which were inherently unstable, rather than using tiered stacking. The company had failed to consider the risks posed by the unstable columns to employees walking around the warehouse and they also failed to put in effective measures in place to control the pedestrian activities around the warehouse whilst forklifts are in operation.

The company was fined £100,000 and ordered to pay the full costs for £15,839 for a breach of sector of the health and safety at work etc Act 1974.

Importance of Testing Your Oil.

Checking your oil is the single most important thing you can do to extend your car’s engine life. Oil is like the blood of your car, without it you wouldn’t make it three miles. For people like me, oil testing can be a big thing because I wasn’t sure how to do it until I was shown. Here are my tips on how to test your engine oil safely and correctly.dipstick

To begin with make sure you park your car on level ground, you know you’ll get an accurate reading on the dip stick that way. The dip stick is the long rod which goes into your engine oil to check the oil level. It’s easy to find and will sometimes have the word OIL written on the cap. Make sure the area is well lit when checking the level so once again you will get an accurate reading.

Pop the hood and find your oil cap, like I said it will usually be at the back of the engine (near your windscreen) next to the coolant and will have the word OIL on it if you’re struggling to find it still. Pull the dip stick out and wipe the end clean with a rag or tissue. Re-insert it into the engine, making sure it’s in properly. Now pull it out but don’t turn it upside down at look at it, because this will make the oil run and give you an incorrect reading. Pull it out straight and look where an oil line is, usually the dip stick will have a minimum and maximum line on it.

If the oil line is between these two lines, the oil level is fine. If it is below the minimum line, don’t worry it can be easily filled up. You’ll need to add a quarter of oil, never add more than a quarter at one time without driving and taking a new reading. Over filling the engine can be quite messy.

If you do overfill your oil, it’s probably best you go visit a mechanicoil-change-instructions-12, or someone who knows what they’re doing next time!

Top Tips for Passing Your Driving Test

With my driving test coming up in the next week, it’s fair to say I’m beginning to panic. To put my mind at ease, I’ve asked around and researched into tips for passing your driving test.

One thing I have trouble with, staying calm! Don’t pressurize yourself, take your time and drive as normally as you can. Be very alert at the same time and try not to forget anything that can cost you your test. Drive like you’re with your driving instructor, don’t over think it else you’ll end up making silly mistakes.

Read your highway code so you’ll have your memory refreshed for your show me, tell me questions. These are key for your test. driving

Don’t give up if you think you’ve failed, many people completely give up when they do something wrong like stall or clip a kerb. You haven’t failed! As long as you fix your mistake and carry of driving normally and don’t make your mistake too apparent, you’ll be fine. Many people think they’ve failed with little mistakes, so they give up for the rest of the test. You haven’t failed until your driving instructor tells you so, I can’t stress enough that you just need to drive normally.

Keep yourself occupied but stay alert, singing in your head usually works. I always sing on my lessons, my driving instructor may get annoyed but it keeps me calm, you won’t be penalized for having a sing song.

Be patient, even if you think you can get through a gap before the other car gets there wait! Usually the gap is not as wide as you think and you will be penalized, just be patient. Stop behind a parked car and wait for oncoming traffic, just don’t be too hesitant. Say if a car is right at the bottom of the road, you obviously have time to move out.

Be very aware! I did a mock test that has taught me to be more aware then ever. On my mock test, a forklift came whizzing out of a drive without looking so I had to do a sharp stop. Luckily, this didn’t cost me my mock test because I did all the right things to keep it safe.

Be prepared! Have an early night before, if you panic yourself and don’t get any sleep you won’t be refreshed. Get yourself a good breakfast or lunch, try not to let all the what if’s put you off your test. It will do nothing but panic you more. Breathe deeply, it will help calm the nerves before your test.

Be confident, obviously not over confident where you’re being cocky. But just be positive, go in as if you know you’re going to pass. Positive thinking leads to positive doing!

All I have to do is take my own advice now, hopefully I’ll pass and be on the road by this time next week! Good luck you too as well!



Are Electric Cars Really Eco-Friendly?

For many years, electric motors have been the face of the Eco-friendly revolution, the cars operate on rechargeable batteries opposed to gasoline and therefore  is seen as being green seeing as they do not emit harmful emissions in to the environment. Recently though, critics have been questioning whether they as Eco friendly as they are being made out to be.Nissan-responds-to-sluggish-Leaf-sales-with-improvements-for-2013

Electric cars have been put under fire for two reasons. To begin with, some critics are concerned with where the batteries are produced for the cars and that they might not be being produced in the Eco-friendly way it claims. Secondly, people have also pointed out the electricity that is going to be used to fuel the car and whether it is going to be produced via green technology.

Both arguments display that the car may not be as Eco-friendly as it says in it’s development, but even so it will still produce a hell of a lot less emissions than a normal petrol or diesel car would. Unfortunately the pro’s of the car will always be out-ruled by the manufacturer of the car until they can find a way to build it as Eco-friendly as possible.

The Norwegian study has brought out the most publicity to this issue and has provided the best support for the criticisms. Researchers at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology studied the overall impact the car would have on the environment and have found the production of the car is actually just as harmful to the environment to that of a normal car. In actual fact, some evidence suggests that the electric cars may even have greater negative impact than the more traditional car.

The main evidence for these findings lie with the materials used to build the car. Purchasing a used vehicle would be more environmentally friendly than purchasing a brand new car because it requires energy and raw material to build. Although they are more concerned about the production and disposal of the batteries which will apparently do more harm than good. Also the the study underlined the need for electricity, which undermines the fact that the car will eliminate fossil fuels.


Inexperienced Foreign Medic Given NHS Job Over Skype

Manik Sharma has been suspended from practicing medicine in the UK for a year due to lack of knowledge and capability.

Manik Sharma has been suspended from practicing medicine in the UK for a year due to lack of knowledge and capability.

An Indian ‘cancer specialist’ Manik Sharma was hired as a radiographer to treat cancer patients at Colchester Hospital but was fired after two months for his lack of competence and medical knowledge. The cancer specialist was hired from India following a a Skype interview for a Radiographer job, but has now been barred from practicing medicine for a year in the UK after it emerged he had only got the same experience as a first year medical student.

Manik Sharma was given the responsibility of treating cancer patients and was given a contract with Colchester Hospital following a successful Skype interview. But when he started work at the hospital, staff were stunned at his obvious lack of competence and knowledge and they had compared him to a first year student. After two months NHS bosses were forced to terminate his employment for the safety and well being of the patients.

Colleagues had said how they had ‘not seen such lack of fundamental knowledge’ and even that ‘he would need correcting by colleagues before using medical supplies‘. Staff would often go out of their way and duties to supervise Manik, because they knew he didn’t know what he was doing. The lead in the radiotherapy department of the hospital was the one who took the decision to report him to the Health & Care Professions Council in order to protect the public in the interest of patient safety. Mr Sharma- who would have received a salary of £34,000 a year, apparently frequently walked out of patients in the middles of consultations and treatments to make and take personal calls, which was against hospital regulations anyways. ‘He acted as if these weren’t the lives of real people and he seemed to take the biscuit sometimes.” One of the department’s nurses told us.

Chairman of the disciplinary panel said: “It was clear that Mr Sharma never reached a level of competence where he could practice autonomously. Further thought should have gone into the interview process before hiring any old bob off the internet. He never reached a stage when he could work without constant supervision. The panel has identified a number of serious deficiencies in Mr Sharma’s Practice.” 

Mr Sharma was dismissed during his probationary period on the grounds of capability. New measures are being brought in to ensure the calibre of foreign doctors, they already have to face strict language tests before coming to work for the NHS. This is because of the tragic death of David Gray in 2008, the 70 year old was killed when Dr Daniel Ubani from Germany, gave him 20 times the legal dose of morphine. The German doctor said he was confused by the differences between English and German drugs. He had already been denied work in Leeds because of his poor English.

Colchester Hospital's staff were said to be very concerned by his lack of understanding.

Colchester Hospital’s staff were said to be very concerned by his lack of understanding.

High School Tragedy

A 15-year-old boy from Oklahoma took his own life in the bathroom of his school earlier this week.

The 15 Year old boy took his own life and has been identified as 9th grader Triston Stephens

The 15 Year old boy took his own life and has been identified as 9th grader Triston Stephens

Triston Stephens, a ninth grade student, died at around 8:35am just after the start of Mondays lessons, he died of one gunshot to the head.

The gunshot rang around the school and sent the pupils into panic with his school and other local schools going into lock-down.

After the lock-down was over and it was deemed safe all students but the ninth graders were sent home.

The school has now resumed normal time-table and guidance councillors will be on school premises to help anyone struggling to deal with the incident.

It still remains a mystery as to why Triston decided to take his own life, he left no note and other students don’t believe he was the target of bullying, the super-intendant of the school also didn’t believe that it was due to bullying, however, other officials were more vague on the subject.

During a candlelight vigil for Stephens it was evident that many students were struggling to cope with the shock of the situation.

Student Jaci Sappington said : ”I am in shock,”"I am like shaking right now, it’s so weird.”

In such a tragic situation it is difficult to draw positives but the school and surrounding schools have been commended by the authorities for responding to the circumstances “flawlessly”, Lieutenant Donnie Krumsiek of the Coweta Police Department said : ”tremendous job ensuring student safety.”

After nearly two months after the horrific massacre at Sandy Hook Elementry, shootings in school are being cracked down on and extreme measures are taking place to ensure the safety of children whilst in school and even outside of school.


Tamara Ecclestone Hires Sir Elton John?

That’s right, Tamara Ecclestone British socialite, model and well known television personality has hired the notorious Sir Elton John as her wedding singer!

Tamara is set to wed fiance’ Jay Rutland after only being together since the start of this year. The F1 heiress is going to be walking down the aisle in a French Riviera wedding and Tamara has said she will break records with her wedding with royal guests, private jets and performances by Sir Elton John and Lionel Richie.

The daughter of F1 star Bernie Ecclestone is planning to marry former stockbroker Jay Rutland and will be accompanied by 300 guests including the Duchess of York, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, their mother Sarah Ferguson and American Socialite Paris Hilton. Many guests are believed to being flown in from Hampshire on Sunday by private jet, all thanks to Miss Ecclestone. She has also reportedly booked out 73 rooms at the Grand Hotel Du Cap Ferrat for her guests at a whopping cost of £600,000! She’s also apparently offered Elton John £1 million plus expenses to perform with Richie and Calvin Harris!

Tamara’s Father, F1 star Bernie Ecclestone who is worth £2.5 Billion, went to a dress fitting with his daughter in April to Vera Wang in New York. Tamara’s sister Petra wore an £800,000 dress for her £12 million wedding in 2011! Tamara said “Petra’s wedding was the best I had ever been to. I’d like to have one abroad like hers. I wouldn’t know how to match it, it would just have to be very bling!”

The date of the wedding has remained unknown and her wedding celebrations are reported to last three days in the south of France. According to reports Tamara touched down in Nice yesterday in her private jet with sister Petra, mother Slavica and a mountain of luggage! Even though Tamara has only been with her Fiance over 6 months, she told reporters that “When you know, you know” and that she is incredibly happy and cannot wait to marry Jay.

The wedding is supposed to take place either today or tomorrow and I’m anxiously awaiting pictures of the alleged wedding of the decade and I wish the pair all the best!

World’s Worst Plastic Surgery Disasters!

It’s an obsession which has taken the world by storm, plastic surgery. Over 15 million people worldwide had plastic surgery, with over 0.65 million of them being South Koreans! Britain had over 0.21 million with the popular surgery being breast enlargement or liposuction. But does it always work? Definitely not, take a look at these disasters, you will be shocked.

One of the most famous cases of disastrous plastic surgery was that of a currently 47 year old woman from South Korea, Hang Mioku, who became so addicted to plastic surgery that she was left almost unrecognizable after her obsession led her to inject cooking oil into her face. She started having plastic surgery when she was 28, then she continuously had operation after operation until the surgeons refused to do any more work on her face and suggested her addiction was a sign of a psychological disorder. So Hang resorted to injecting domestic cooking oil into her face where it became so large that she was called a standing fan by children in her neighbour because of her large face and such small body.

(Right to left) Hang was a natural beauty before she started having liposuction, Then here she is with the after math of the cooking oil and finally this is Hang after she had all the fluid drained from her face.

(Right to left) Hang was a natural beauty before she started having liposuction, Then here she is with the after math of the cooking oil and finally this is Hang after she had all the fluid drained from her face.

Known by the press ‘The Bride of Wildenstein’ Jocelyn Wildenstein has allegedly spent over four million dollars on cosmetic surgery over the years and is one of the most famous cases of plastic surgery addiction. Jocelyn was freshed faced mother of two and married an extremely wealthy art dealer, that was until she caught her husband in bed with a 21 year old Russian model. Now, instead of divorcing him and taking off with all his money, she  decided to go under the knife to make herself look more beautiful to win her husband back. Unfortunately, her husband left her anyways and Jocelyn couldn’t stop her addiction. She has also been known to be called ‘Cat Woman’ due to her taut, cat like appearance.


Cat Woman Jocelyn Wildenstein

Dolly Parton, now she isn’t one to hide the fact that shes had surgery. Dolly is one of the most popular country singers of all time, as well as being a songwriter and actress. But with big success comes a big pressure to look good! Ms Parton isn’t ashamed too admit shes been under the knife a few times and shes comfortable talking about it publicly. Dolly has had numerous face lifts, brow lifts, chin implants, lip fillers, fat grafting, liposuction and not to mention those huge breast enlargements! There is no doubt that all of Dolly’s surgery rumours are true and she’s not afraid to admit it and she’ll gladly answer any questions about them!

Michael Jackson only ever admitted to two surgical procedures whilst he was alive, but after his death his mother Katherine said ‘He’d had more than two, he was just embarrassed.’ Jackson was addicted to plastic surgery, it was no mystery. It’s blatant that he’s had a lot of work, his skin colour, his nose and his chin?

Michael looking youthful (left) before all his surgery (right)

Michael looking youthful (left) before all his surgery (right)

Former band member of ‘Dead or Alive’ Pete Burns, has to be one of the most famous examples of plastic surgery disasters! Pete’s addiction to surgery has became notorious over the years and the singer is barely recognizable! Pete who is now 51, has been trying to fix his face ever since a bad lip implant went badly wrong and left the singer suicidal and has won a pay out of £450,000 from cosmetic surgeon Dr Maurizio Viel. The singer has had nearly all procedures going, nose jobs, cheek implants and non-surgical treatments like botox which he is regularly using.

Pete Burns, then and now. Wow.

Pete Burns, then and now. Wow.

Plastic Surgery in my eyes is a big no no! To be honest, there have been surgeries that have gone well and do look good. But the majority look horrendous and celebs just end up spending thousands to fix it and end up looking even worse.  Let yourself age gracefully! You can’t beat it!