How to Run a Salon!

Thinking of opening a salon? Many people think they can do it with no problems at all, but many fail within the first few months of opening. Running a successful salon is a lot more than just giving a good hair cut, the fundamentals of running a salon are so simple and are often way over looked!

Hairdresser at work cutting customers hair

#Set a welcoming atmosphere.

Make the salon look good, no ones going to want a hair cut from a dirty looking place. Clean it up, decorate make it look like a high standard salon. It will push your business further than you think. There are millions of ways of styling your salon, floors should be cleaned and a must is to make sure all your products and equipment is all kept neat and tidy! Nothing worse than bottles and scissors everywhere! Also keep it organised! Set up some salon management software, nothing worse than an unorganised salon!

#Know your clients.

It’s a no brainer really, become friendly and familiar with your clients. Nothing like feeling comfortable and safe with a hairdresser, being able to have a conversation rather than just sitting there with an awkward silence the whole time! You will obviously get people from the surrounding area quite regularly if you offer the best friendly service.

#Know who’s Boss.

You’re the boss, make sure it stays like that. Nothing worse than having staff who think they can come to work and do what they want. Obviously having fun at work is key, you don’t want to be labelled a strict mean boss but neither do you want to be named a push over. Make sure there is an employee procedure in place for working hours, lunches etc.

#Look Professional

Uniforms are the best thing for looking professional and they usually just make a workplace look all together tidier. Salon tunics are usually very cheap to buy and they can come in a range of colours depending on perhaps what style your salon is going for!

#Variety of Services

Hair stylists will usually offer more than just hair cuts, it’s most certainly going to attract more customers as you can give bulk prices for services. You can have your nails done whilst you have your hair cut. Employing people with multi-skills can be very beneficial to your business!

#Offer reasonable Prices!

No one will go to a salon where they’re being robbed blindly for a cut and blow dry! Be sensible with prices, an idea would be to go round all the local salons checking out all the prices and see if you can match or even beat them! It’s business at the end of the day, to be the best you have to provide the best, that includes, service, quality and PRICE!


Last but not least, listen to your customers. They know what they want and if you do the complete opposite, they will never return! Whilst doing treatments make sure that the customer is happy throughout, if they have any concern ask them to raise them. Customers are usually hesitant to tell you want they really think, be friendly and tell them you won’t be offended if they want it changing! A trick I learnt is that lately alot of people will text during their appointment and they will text about how it’s going, it might be abit sneaky but use this to your benefit. Don’t be caught being nosey though!

There’s pets out there too!

Winds of 200 mph tore through the city of Oklahoma and ripped lives apart. The tornado that devastated Oklahoma has destroyed lives, families and homes. Car were being flung through the air and two schools were crushed 100′s have been left injured and with no where to go with homes left as nothing but miles of debris. 30 of an estimated 75 children have so far been pulled out of the school wreckage with at least two dozen more expected to be still inside. It has been confirmed at 91 people have died including children.


This horse is being cared for at the Oklahoma City Animal Rescue

But we can’t forget the other victims in the disaster, the hundreds of pets left homeless! Dozens of cats, dogs, horses and even a squirrel with a broken leg has been brought in animal shelters since Monday’s events who are in urgent need of vet supplies and pet supplies. Dogs were all found wondering the streets after the tornado, some came in with no injuries at all, where as some were not so lucky.

This horse was found in field hiding under a tree with multiple cuts and a broken pelvis, vets don’t know how the horse broke it’s pelvis but it is suspected that something hit the horse at incredible speed and force. The horse is being treated for all  the cuts it has sustained during the storm and vets are also going to operate on the pelvis.


Pup was found in a tree!!

This poor little pup was reportedly found sitting up a tree by passers-by, they heard the little pup crying and immediately rescued him. It’s unknown to how he got up there, but he’s so lucky he only had a few minor cuts! The pup is only 9 weeks old and the shelter are desperately trying to get in touch with the family addressed on his collar, unfortunately it’s proving difficult.

Many families have been in and out of the shelter all week trying to find their pets, majority of families who came looking for their pets, found them. Although there were many who were disappointed as their pet wasn’t at the shelter.

Krysta and her dad Steve were relived to be reunited with their family pet!

Krysta and her dad Steve were relived to be reunited with their family pet!

Steve Finley and his daughter Krysta Synder were part of the lucky families, when they thought by chance their lost spaniel Prudence may have been brought to the shelter, they were over the moon to find her. Steve said “After the weeks horrible events, it’s a blessing to have such good news and for Prudence to be found safe!”

A Boxer has been found and the shelter is desperately trying to find his owners as he has been badly injured and after treatment just needs some TLC and attention. Rescuers have called him Benny for the time being and are praying his owners find him.


The Oklahoma City Animal Rescue are trying their hardest to treat all the animals that have been brought to the animal rescue centre, even a small squirrel had been brought in with broken legs and vets are caring for it ready to release it back into the wild. Times like this need everyone to pull together and help out everyone and everything in any way possible, even the animals of Oklahoma need your help, they don’t have a home either now.

Anything will help the shelter, any pet foods, volunteers, vet supplies, beds, anything! Everything little bit will help this unfortunate pets get treated and back home.


Rising Cost of Proms!

It’s that time of year again, the kids are leaving school, they’re all finishing their exams and getting ready for their prom! But the constant rise on the cost of a prom night per child is putting pressure on parents! Party time in limousine

It is said that an average child can cost a parent £1,200 each! That’s for their tickets, attire (dress or suit) shoes, hair and prom car hire. It’s ridiculous, especially just for one night! But the ever rising peer pressure for everyone to look the best, have the best dress and the best car is forcing parents have to fork out for everything.

Parents with girls are more likely to spend more money when it comes to the prom, obviously because the girls ‘need’ more, the make up, hair stylists, shoes, bags and the way over priced dress! I’ve known people in the past to pay stupid amounts for just their dress, up to £800! It’s horrendous, I got my dress off the internet for £100 and it was displayed in retail shops for £350! You just need to look if you want to find the best deals! Shoes and bags, for some reason they are a big thing! Shoes you usually can’t even see underneath the dress and what do you even need a bag for?

Hairdressers will charge alot for a prom hair do, firstly they charge for trials which can be like £50 and then the additional costs for the do on the day! My mom did my hair and she did a great job of it, she did a few practices before to make sure it will be right and it turned out great! Then you’ve got your nails and spray tan which together can cost like £40!

Luckily if you have a boy to pay for, you’re a little better off but not much though! They don’t need hairdressers, nails or tan but they will need a suit and even the boys are being very picky about what they wear! No more hand me down suits! Slim ties and fitted suits cost quite a bit, you will probably find yourself forking out £100+ for a good suit. Then the shoes, lads really do car a lot about their appearance these days.

Prom tickets are a joke, the point of a prom is to have a last gathering before they leave school for good! I remembered I paid £25 for my prom ticket and we had to pay for drinks and I didn’t have any food off the buffet because it all was stale! It’s a huge money making scheme on all parts, venues will make schools pay too much for a prom because they think just because it’s for teenagers, that they’ll destroy everything. Not always the case.

If you’re not prepared to pay the whole bill, come to an agreement with your teenager. Make them do chores and save over a couple months before the prom, and you could also perhaps save if moneys a tad tight. It give’s your child a work ethic and it makes it a lot easier in the long run. Don’t forget it’s the day your teenager is now all grown up. Cherish it.

Most Dangerous Workplaces!

Most of us don’t worry about risks whilst at work? Well you wouldn’t if you worked in an office or a shop? When you think of dangerous jobs, what would you say is risky? Stuntman? Fireman? Wrong! I’ve done a list of what I thought was quite surprising of the UK’s most dangerous jobs!

Farming and Fishing!

I know what you’re thinking, a farmer/fisher? You’ve got to be kidding right? No I kid you not, farmers and fishers are apparently the UK’s most dangerous job according to death and injury statistics, last year 34 farmers died in accidents involving being crushed by large animals, machinery like tractors and falls from heights! If you choose to go to sea for a living, you are up to 50% more likely to die at work than people in other occupations! The health and safety executive has been trying to address the high number of accidents and death in agricultural jobs by improving health and safety standards!

Warehouse Work 

It may seem like a low maintenance job, picking and dropping products in a warehouse but they have been proven to be quite dangerous. This year alone, 23 people have died in accidents just involving pallet trucks and forklifts, many warehouses are very low and busy and most accidents are caused by carelessness and when people are careless, accidents do happen unfortunately. To avoid accidents, make sure your warehouse has the correct health and safety procedures and keep an eye out!


This is an obvious one, accidents happen on work site all the time. The job entails sometimes working at great heights, lifting heavy items, using large and heavy machinery and tools! Construction workers are far more likely to suffer problems caused by exposure to substances like asbestos. Over a quarter of work-related deaths are caused on a building site, so I’d get yourself into that office!


Mining isn’t nearly as big as it used to be, but there are still mines open and they are a risky business to be in! Cave ins and underground exposures are often be immediately fatal or cause problems in the long term! Open mining is usually less risky, but it still holds dangers associated with heavy machinery!

Oil Riggers!

Working on an Oil Rig is a very well paid job, partly because of the isolation and the sheer life risks involved. Safety on a rig is optimal. But there is no guarantee that taking oil or gases out of the sea will be safe in any way, you can follow safety procedures but it sometimes isn’t enough. Weather is a huge factor when it can come to oil riggers, it raises the risk and the rigs are usually in remote locations so it is very hard to get workers off the location in emergencies!


New Fire Trucks Cost $2 Million!

Civic politicians are willing to spend over two million dollars on two new fire truck for the Richmond Fire-Rescue. The force has two 23 year old trucks which are just two old and is very costly in constant repairs. So the two old trucks will be decommissioned for the arrival of the new models, which will be delivered within one year! Senior fire officials are urging the council to award a seven figure contract to Wholesale Fire and Rescue Ltd for a new 105 foot ladder and a pump truck.

The crew at the Remy apartment fire in 2011

The crew at the Remy apartment fire in 2011

Richmond’s current fire trucks have a trio of ladders on the trucks which only reach 75 feet. The taller ladder will be better equipped to tackle fires in six-storey buildings like the Remy apartment building which burnt down May 03 2011 whilst under construction. The ladder truck will become the tallest reaching vehicle in the fleet, plans call for it to be located at the new No.3 Fire Hall, expected to be built at Cambie and No.4 roads as a replacement to the current station on Bridgeport Road.

A council committee meeting was held on Tuesday and the deputy fire chief Tim Wilkinson noted the tender award represents the best value to the city! The city council is expected to approve the purchase later this month, Smeal Fire Apparatus Co. was the only other firm to submit a bid! After thorough evaluation of the submissions it was determined that wholesale fire and rescue provided the best value response in terms of specification, a shorter delivery time of nine months for both units and value for the money.

The station is said to be very excited about the arrival of the new trucks and they ‘can’t wait to have a go.’ The new vehicles will also allow for easier maneuvering around busy roads and city streets because of a lower overall height and tighter turning radius.


Greener Steel?

It has been released that US researchers have found a way of creating metals like steel in a much cleaner and green way! Their process whilst cutting greenhouse gases, could also produce steel of a higher purity and is said to hopefully be very useful when it comes to space missions.


The new molten oxide electrolysis (MOE) technique uses high temperature electrolysis to make liquid metal and oxygen from a metal oxide feedstock. Although it is limited by it’s high cost and the fact that it only works with consumable or highly expensive and rare anodes like iridium.

Donald Sadoway of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have discovered that alloy anodes can do the job and over come these limitations. ’For the first time, it shows that earth abundant and affordable metals, and alloys in particular, could be used as an anode in high temperature electrolysis to generate oxygen.’ says Donald.

The team of the institute has observed limited consumption of the anode during the process over a period of five hours and they have said that the stability of the anode is due to the formation of an electronically conductive solid solution of aluminium and chromium oxides in the structure.

Which means a new class of anode material is available to enable scale up, furthermore iron can only be obtained by electrolysis in molten oxide using non-carbon anode. So for steel making in particular this is a deal maker. The removal of carbon in the system allows you to make metal of better quality that is free of carbon impurities.

Existing iron production uses carbon as a reductant and fuel, meaning too much carbon ends up in the iron. Second step, removes the excess carbon to produce mild or low carbon steel with 0.5% carbon.


Top management Apps!

Struggling keeping on top of your time management? Always busy and got lots of meetings? Well I’ve put together a list of my favorite and most useful apps when it comes to time management!

How's your time management?

How’s your time management?

SmartTime – This app lets you integrate your daily schedule with your Iphone or Smartphone. When you create a new appointment, you can integrate your contacts so that you have all contact details and information of that particular appointment. SmartTime also allows lets you use email to share appointments and data with other SmartTime users. There are three ways to view data and tasks and events are combined in each of those views. The first view is Smart View, and it displays your agenda. Calendar View shows the same data in a standard day calendar. Focus View provides a list of “need to do,” and “already done.” SmartTime is on the app store for $4.99.

CloudOn - This app is a Microsoft Office app, which integrates with all your Microsoft word, excel and power-point data on the go! it also allows other files like, PDF’s, JPG’s, PNG’s and GIf’s to be opened on your phone using a built in adobe reader and file viewer! Most of the standards features on Microsoft office is available on CloudOn, including sharing files as links or attachments via email within the work space! CloudOn is a free App as well!

Box - This app allows you to sync up to 5GB of data, making it easier to access and edit files, share with colleagues and stay connected on the go! Updates to all documents and files are visible immediately through secure content saving. This is free from the app store, but is £1.99 for them premium update.

AppPad – One of the better apps if I’m honest. The appPad is a product from spa software, which is a complete, printed diary which allows you to customize your schedule by drawing in your own lines and dates. You can write direct onto with a stylus, there’s a easy undo in case you make a silly mistake. You can customize the app by adding your own colors and even your own company logo! This app price is varied on different products. #

SpringPad – SpringPad is a free app that aims to help iPhone users become better organized and more productive. Users of the app are able to save ideas, notes, project tasks, photos, products, checklists and movies. Then SpringPad provides suggestions relevant to the items being organized.The latest version, Springpad 4.0, features a streamlined design, performance improvements and easier access to all the data you are working with.

SpringPad is one of my favorites for time management!

SpringPad is one of my favorites for time management!

There you have it! In my opinion these are the best management and time keeping app’s I have came across, great thing is the majority of them are free! Check them out, it’s worth a try!



Third of Bosses will Sack Temporary Staff Because of new EU Employment Law.

A new survey shows that a third of employers will start sacking temporary staff so they don’t have to pay them the same as permanent workers under the EU employment law. Research suggests many short-term employees will have their employment terminated before their 12 week trial period is completed.

Under the new EU Agency Worker directive, after 12 weeks employers must now pay temporary staff the same wage as permanent staff. The survey of 42 recruitment agencies showed that 29 percent intended to terminate short-term contracts before the trial period was up. Tens of thousands short term workers will be affected! Some of the agencies were already in process of terminating contracts.

Recruitment Surveys showed 29 percent of agencies intend to terminate short-term contracts.

Recruitment Surveys showed 29 percent of agencies intend to terminate short-term contracts.

The new employment law was first introduced by the Labour government and then it was reassessed by the department for business, innovation and skills after the election. The Liberal democrats ministers later announced that it would be implemented as planned. The Government has told how it has been forced in to introduce the regulations following pressure from trade unions!

Since the decision was taken the economic situation has deteriorated significantly and senior conservatives are understood to be angered by the change. An analysis confirms that it will cost firms more than £1.8 billion a year leading to big warnings from big employers that make them have to cut jobs. An average small business will have to pay an extra £2,493 a year increasing to £73,188 for larger firms!

It was said that if ministers had refused to implement the new regulation they would have faced legal challenges from a lot of employment lawyers and agency workers.

Boots Axe 500 Jobs!

It has been reported that after decreasing product sales, that high street store Boots will be cutting over 500 pharmacist jobs and store jobs.

High street Store Boots is to Cut over 500 Jobs

High street Store Boots is to Cut over 500 Jobs

The decision for the cut has been made after Boots have been under increasing pressure from shareholders to improve performance and sales as it faces tough competition from supermarkets and other rivals. The move is also because the company needs to try and find £100 million of cost savings, they are also looking to strip out further costs as as a way to reach this huge target!

The company announced a 17% fall in annual pre-tax profits to $494.9 million, which has been restructuring to concentrate on the core of the business; Boots the chemists and Healthcare International and also the divisions behind the consumer brands including Nurofen, Strepsils and Clearasil.

Boot’s stores have already begun a shakeup of it’s supply chain to reduce inventory and stock holding in stores. The recent shakeup has also saw the recent departure of Chief executive Steve Russell who was with the firm for 36 years, after it was apparently said he was retiring due to stress.

The job losses follow 700 staff cuts in March when boots closed it’s well being services which came the closure of standalone stores and in February they shut a factory in Lanarkshire which cut over 1,000 jobs. The company is apparently focusing on human resources, IT functions and finance as well as some in store jobs.

Chairman John McGrath refused to rule out any further job losses and said there are more to come, the company is desperately trying to save the 100 million they need. A lot of high street stores are recently having to make cuts due to the recession and also due to the massive increase in internet sales!


Birmingham Teacher Shot!

A well known and well liked secondary school teacher from Birmingham was shot 3 times in his home on Charles Lane last Tuesday.

Harry Berkowitz, 72 was a beloved teacher who spent 47 years with the Birmingham District

Harry Berkowitz, 72 was a beloved teacher who spent 47 years with the Birmingham District

Harry Berkowitz, aged 72 who had been with the Birmingham teaching district for 47 years. Suffered at least three gunshot wounds, one in his head, and two in his torso area according to sources. He was found by a contractor early Tuesday morning after he had heard disturbances and called the police.

The suspect, Thomas Ian Matthews, 33, was Harry’s long time roommate and was also found dead a gunshot wound in a Royal oak home. Police say they believe Matthews attacked Berkowitz before turning the gun on himself. Matthews wasn’t found until hours after the police arrived to Berkowitz home, that they found Matthews dead on a bed in a house in Royal oak.

Investigators are unsure to what provoked the attack as the two men had shared a house for many years peacefully. It appears to be some sort of a variation of a domestic issue, though police chief was unaware of any calls of domestic disturbances from the house. Police chief Roberts said “We just don’t know what sparked this whole thing. It’s a tragic situation, no matter how you look at it, especially with the loss of beloved Mr. Berkowitz.”

Detectives are hoping they can piece together what happened as the days go on and hopefully more evidence comes to light. Unfortunately, police have been unable to contact any of Berkowitz family, anyone with any information of his family need to call 248 626 9672.

The school are offering support to the children and staff after this distressing time, the beloved teacher will be greatly missed.

The two men had lived together for around 5 years and had knew each other from when Matthews was a student in the Birmingham district. Matthews has a background in computer technology but was not in full time work.

If anyone has any sort of information that could help police with their investigations, please do not hesitate to get in touch.