Compulsive Cleaners!

Are you a neat freak? Do you bleach fruit? Disinfect your phone or even clean stranger’s bathrooms? It sounds a bit out there, but there are people out there who spend up to ten hours a day cleaning!

It’s no joke! People actually do take cleaning that seriously! I watched TLC program last week that showcased a middle aged stay at home woman called Alfreta.

She not only cleans her bathroom, but also cleans public bathrooms and friend’s houses when she visits. You think that’s bad? That isn’t even the half of it! article-2240533-1646A006000005DC-668_634x495

“I clean one a day, but once a day is all day. Bathrooms seems to be my thing, a dirty bathroom disgusts me. I don’t care where you go, it should always be clean!” Alfreta uses a toothbrush to get all the residue off the fixtures and she can use up to 3 big bottles of bleach a week! She uses half a bottle each time she cleans her toilet, which she also pours into the tank of the toilet! To top it off, she bleaches her fruit. Yes, bleach it! She mixes water and bleach and scrubs the fruit and will refuse to eat it until she has. She has done since her doctor told her most fruits have insecticides on them.

Another neat freak on the show was a 29 year old manager called Caleb, who sprays his home and his body with hydrogen peroxide and he also insists on spraying down his dates before they get intimate. That’s enough to turn anybody off! He also hoovers up to 12 times a day!


Christy (left) hyperventilates at just the thought of someone entering her home and contaminating it! She spends up to ten hours everyday scrubbing down every inch and crack of her home. She said how she refuses to have a child because just the thought of the snot and mess they makes her want to throw up.

It seems sad that this is how people spend their days, but it is a mental condition. They cannot help it, it’s a fear they cannot get rid of, even if it stupid. I’m stupidly scared of spiders I cringe at the thought of one, it’s the same basic principle.

Different Lockers for Different Requirements?

Lockers are often the preferred choice when it comes to choosing something to store your employee’s belongings. All sorts of commercial environments need work lockers. They are secure, convenient and ideal for a huge range of different business and office settings. So to make sure you’re buying the right locker for you, I’ve put together a quick overview of the different lockers that are on offer and which lockers suit your requirement.


School Lockers -Lockers are essential in any education setting, giving students somewhere safe to store their belongings and school books. You can get secure lockers in any sort of size or shape for schools and you can differentiate them to perhaps show different year or house groups. Which not only keeps the school looking organized, but also looks pretty cool!

Wire Mesh/Transparent Lockers – These lockers are designed for circulation, ideal when perhaps storing wet clothes. The lockers are also highly secure method of storing objects and some styles come with wholly transparent doors for extra security.

Steel Lockers – These lockers are a traditional option which hasn’t lost any level of appeal as they can be designed, colored and you can have a range of different sizes, locking mechanisms and sizes. Not to mention they are great value for money and are perfect for any range of environments.

Plastic Lockers – As well as being weather and vandal resistant, these lockers are also very hygienic which makes them ideal for both internal and external high traffic areas. So there’s no worry of rust setting in or anyone breaking in them.

Laptop Lockers – These are brilliant. They are vastly used in schools and education settings everywhere. It has small doors to which one laptop can fit in one (you can usually fit around 20 laptop in the entire locker) and it also has a charger town, so when the laptops are finished with, they can be re-charged. Another great feature is the wheels, so it’s portable, it can be moved to wherever you want it. The locker is immensely secure, as you would want it to be. Especially when the locker holds up to 20 laptops!

Laminate Lockers - These lockers are incredibly tough and hard wearing they’re good for frequent use. You can get moisture-resistant laminate lockers, which are frequently used in pool and leisure centre and changing room facilities.

In all this categories, you will always find different variations of the locker. You can change; height, width, color, locking mechanisms, combinations. Anything, they’re such great products because they can be made to suit you!

Bed and 365 Breakfasts?!

We’ve all been to our fair share of unique b and b‘s and I’ve even returned to the odd few which I enjoyed. But not as often as this Australian couple. Chris and Sally Allison like the b&b and restaurant that much, they decided to stay the entire year!

Chris and Sally Allison love the B&B so much they've booked it for the year!

Chris and Sally Allison love the B&B so much they’ve booked it for the year!

Sally and Chris are originally from Sydney, Australia and had intended on moving into London for a year whilst they explored Europe for their retirement. But after a warm welcome and a brilliant breakfast, that soon changed. The couple abandoned their plans and decided to stay based in rural Wales. They often pop to London and European cities from their Welsh base, but say they’re not missing out by not being based in a city but are in fact seeing some beautiful spots in the local area and across northern Wales.

The Australian couple say they are used to travelling long distances whilst away from happy and are more than happy to base themselves in such a rural location.

The couple have become so comfortable that they have developed a very good friendship with the owners David and Elvira Barratt, that they are like family! The two couples get on so well that the Barratts have invited the Allison’s to their daughters wedding in Italy next year!

When Mrs Barratt was asked what makes her B&B so great that couples like the Allison’s come back regularly she had to say “ Mrs Barratt said that good service is the key and her famous tea and cake on arrival certainly helps. We’re just a small, family-run business. So we like to focus on hospitality. People like to see a friendly face when they arrive, they remember that”

The hotel has seen a lot of repeat business over the 20 years the Barratts have owned it. Much of it is down to word-of-mouth. Like many businesses, the four-star hotel was struck by the economic downtown, but the semi-permanent residence of the Allison’s has given the hotel a boost!

Email Wedding Invitations Tacky?


Cool or tacky? As more couples are opting to ditch traditional paper wedding invitations and send out digital copies of their invites!

Today’s generation wouldn’t be able to function without the technology we have, (I certainly couldn’t!) phones, TV’s, Sat Navs, the lot! So it’s no wonder couples are choosing to send their wedding invitations via email. With each year that passes, the number of couples using digital invitations increases.

There are actual services out there for digital wedding invitations, which allow guests to quickly RSVP online. Whilst I think it’s a brilliant cheap, easy, quick and not to mention eco-friendly way of sending invites, critics say that they are too informal, killing traditional values of weddings and they also may be too confusing for the older or less computer literate guests.

A recently wedded bride 28 year old magazine editor, Amul Mohan, has said that she sent out email invites to all her closest friends who she knew would get the invites over the net and she also printed a batch for her family! She chose to do this as her family would have frowned upon receiving an email invite.

It’s convenient, name someone you know under the age of say 50 who doesn’t regularly check their emails? Who isn’t always on a social network of some sort? Or doesn’t even use the net, there’s not many is there? It is said that up the number of couples that use the paperless post is 3.5 times as many as it was last year!

Obviously there are a lot of criticisms, wedding planners hate the idea. New York based wedding planner, Tammy Golson said how weddings are not a place for an email. Perhaps for a rehearsal or pre-wedding shower, but not the actual wedding. A paper invite shows the effort and respect you are putting into a wedding , it’s your wedding at the end of the day. Other reasons could be that paper invitations are more expensive than digital copies? Maybe?

Julie Benz has defending her choice of using email invitations

Julie Benz has defending her choice of using email invitations

Actress Julie Benz has defended her decision to email her wedding invitations, after she said ’does receiving a Paperless Post Evite make our wedding day any less important or any less formal? I don’t think so. Are you not going to come because you didn’t get tangible invitation in the mail? I think not. In fact, I think it reveals a lot about who we are as a couple: modern, chic, green, no nonsense people who also like to save money.’

As far as I’m concerned, it’s your wedding day. Do with it what you will, it shows who you are as couple. It’s like saying why have you chosen pink flowers over red? Because it’s your choice, it’s what you like and wanted.

If you want to stay traditional, stay traditional. If you want to do it your own way, even better!

2 Year Old Boy Found Dead Hanging From Bedroom Blinds

A two-year old boy has died after accidentally hanging himself on his bedroom window blind cords.


Two Year old Mason has died in his home in South St Louis.

Two Year old Mason has died in his home in South St Louis.

Mason Gorse was found hanging several feet off the ground with the blind cords around his neck at around 7:25pm, but it is unclear how long the child had been there.

The police have ruled that the child Mason Gorse, had climbed onto the window of his bedroom and became tangled in a long nylon cord from the blinds. Mason’s mother found him hanging several feet off the ground with the cords wrapped around his neck, her husband desperately tried to perform CPR whilst waiting for emergency services to arrive. Mason was unfortunately pronounced dead at Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Centre.

Mason’s parents haven’t been taken into custody, after investigators are calling his death a tragic freak accident. A neighbour told the St Louis Post, that the family had only been living there around 7 months.

Unfortunately, this is the first case of it’s kind. Since 1991, more than 175 children have died after accidentally strangling themselves on window blind cords. Linda Kaiser lost her one year old daughter in 2002 after she strangled herself with blind cords. Linda has since then set up an international awareness group ”Parents for Window Blind Safety”

Adele Shocks Tycoon With Quote

After showing interest in acquiring Adele’s services, Del Monte juice tycoon Vivian Imerman was told that she would charge £2.5m for a 25 minute set, £100,000 a minute.

Although he is planning a lavish wedding for his daughter even Imerman with his massive bank balance has deemed her too expensive and is pursuing different artists and wedding bands. He had previously booked Amy Winehouse for his eldest daughter’s wedding three years ago.

Adele at the Oscars

Adele at the Oscars

Jennifer Aniston invited Adele to perform at her wedding to fiancée Justin Theroux after meeting them at the Oscars.

The star has recently been approached by Estee Lauder and Dior to become the face of their beauty campaigns in deals thought to be worth around £10,000,000.

Although she is thought to have made in excess of £20,000,000 in 2012, Adele still hasn’t passed her UK driving test due to her busy schedule and plans to finally take her test in 2013 in order to get a ‘family friendly’ car. I’m sure she will have no trouble passing her test swiftly as with a more open diary and plenty of money to throw at it she could be passed within a week.

Recent reports suggest that Adele and her partner, Simon Konecki, are planning for a second child as she wants two children to grow two years apart. #

The pair welcomed their first child, a son who is believed to be called Angelo, at the end of 2012 and the arrival of her first child prompted Adele’s priorities to change from song writing/performing to being a good parent.

Dangerous Fake Power Tools On Sale Throughout UK

The public have been warned, especially those in rural areas, of rogue merchants selling fake and possibly dangerous power tools door to door according to Trading Standards and the police.

Several reports in the East Lancashire area were made of the sellers going door to door and it is thought that the sales may spread through the Country.Doorstep

Anyone who has already purchased a power tool (possibly a nail gun or chainsaw) from a door to door salesman it is highly recommended that you get your tool tested at a local specialist.

In a statement a spokesman for the Lancashire Police said: ”These saws came to the attention of police officers after it was reported they were being sold to rural properties door-to-door.

“We are unsure as to the quality of these products and would urge anyone who purchased one of these saws to have it checked as to its safety.”

If you are offered a power tool a good way of checking for authenticity is if it comes with a manual or moulded plug rather than a household plug. It is also not recommended to pay cash for items from doorstep sellers either as the money cannot be retrieved should there be a problem, it also makes it impossible to track the person through the transaction.


Useful Links:

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Playboy Model Turned Internet Activist

Playboy Netherlands slipped up in 2003. They published the real name of one of their models rather than their adopted playmate name. Which in return caused her mother, who had the same surname to receive some in-appropriate phone calls.

Ancilla Tilia

Ancilla Tilia

Since that happened Tilia has legally changed her name to her adopted playboy name, Ancilla Tilia. She also became one of, if not the most famous fetish, glamour and luxury lingerie models throughout Europe. Due to her success someone discovered the shoots and made her real name available on-line, this resulted  in stalkers and her home address being added to Google maps by the Dutch chamber of Commerce.

She is now an active promoter of internet privacy and people’s rights. “cuz boobs are fun but rights are important”. After her own experience Tilia decided to drop a lot of her modelling work and work voluntarily at BOF (Bits Of Freedom) which is a non-profit organisation that is dedicated to promoting and campaigning for internet privacy.

Internet modelling and pornography is one of the main war-zones for privacy and data protection as not only can it be an awkward situation but it can also easily become quite a scary and dangerous situation.

The main talking point of the whole situation is not to do with her public profile but rather the fact that it is anyone’s right to have their data and privacy protected on-line, as BOF said it’s “not only for models but for every citizen”.


Business Power Nap

A new and quite peculiar beauty trend has been spotted in London.

Spas in and around London have noticed how fatigued and sleepy their clients are and have decided to cater for it, for £22.50 you can sleep for 20 minutes on a dry floatation bed. Although you might think that the price is a bit steep the treatment is supposedly equivalent to 4 hours sleep in a normal bed.

A Dry Floatation Bed

A Dry Floatation Bed

The general tone surrounding the treatment is that it’s as much about your health and immune system as it is your mental alertness and capability. As your body tires as does your immune system and you may start feeling some niggling symptoms of an illness.

One spa spokeswoman said : “It’s more popular in winter than in summer because people don’t have as much holiday rest at this time of year.” She also mentioned that the relaxation treatments don’t have to involve sleep, even sitting and relaxing in the salt-air chamber reading a magazine can re-invigorate you.

Regardless of the individuals reason for being there, whether it’s after a stressful business meeting or in the middle of a jam packed day this new fad has already proved popular with clients and visitors of the spas.

There could also be a market for the treatments in motorway service stations nationwide with great emphasis being placed on not driving when tired, the treatments would be useful to rouse drivers and enable them to continue with their journey, however, having seen the mark-up on bottled drinks at service stations I’m sure the cost of a service station sleep treatment would make most drivers woozy.

Rescue The Environment

The human impact on environments has an adverse affect on animals and also on the natural landscape. Some say that proper sustainable waste disposal can only be achieved if we still believe in the preservation of our environment. It is not only production processes that hinder the environment, it is influenced by several means. There are in fact many ways in which households can contribute to the environment.Climate Change

Documents that must be shared with other departments and other staff are always stored on shared discs. To cut down on printing it is useful to use a scanner and save the scanned document onto your computer to save paper. If you do need to use paper it’s important that it is recycled when you’re finished with it. Recycling bins are widely available for office and home use.

In addition, the workings of the biosphere function best with a philosophy of zero waste. Many areas are affected by the development of public areas, railways and actions of exploration among an encroaching city.I find that cutting back on resources and wasting less makes my work easier as most things are digitised. Organizations and businesses are constantly looking for people who are willing to learn new things and willing to adapt to change and new ways of working.

It is important to meet deadlines, because it allows you to save time, money and resources and to get ahead of your competitors. Irrelevant of where they are stored, files are usually better protected and securely stored in personal folders, encrypted if necessary. 

When choosing electronic communication for the exchange of information, you should think logically and decide which method is the best and most effective form of communication. Electronic forms of business communications are communications by email, fax, etc…

It’s vitally important that humans as a race cut down on damage to the environment. Having had such a massive impact over the last 200-300 years we owe it both to the environment and future generations to try and limit the future damage that can be done.