Fizzy Drink’s Tax Proposed

Health campaigners have called for high sugar drinks to be taxed up to 20p per litre and for the proceeds to be put into providing free school dinners.Child Drinks

Sustain (a UK food charity) have said that the tax could make the Government up to £1billion a year. The move could also save the NHS money in the long term as it discourages excessive consumption of unhealthy drinks. The NHS’ bill for diet related illnesses currently stands at £6billion a year.

The report on the matter has received the backing of more than 60 organisations which include Friends of the Earth, Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, the Royal Society for Public Health and the National Heart Forum.

The money raised by the tax could also be used to fund schemes to encourage children to eat more fruits and vegetables. The campaign manager for Sustain, Charlie Powell, said;

“Sugar-laden drinks are mini-health time bombs, contributing to dental diseases, obesity and a host of life-threatening illnesses which cost the NHS billions each year.

“We are delighted that so many organisations want to challenge the Government to show it has a public health backbone by including a sugary drinks duty in Budget 2013.

“It’s a simple and easy-to-understand measure which will help save lives by reducing sugar in our diets and raising much-needed money to protect children’s health.”

The chairman added; “Just as we use fiscal measures to discourage drinking and smoking and help prevent people from dying early, there is now lots of evidence that the same approach would work for food.

“Our obesity epidemic causes debilitating illness, life-threatening diseases and misery for millions of people. It is high time Government did something effective about this problem.”

The Obesity problem in the UK has forced the NHS to invest heavily in specialised medical supplies to cater for the gargantuan proportions of some patients and with the cost of renting a specially reinforced and sized bed for some patients reaching £300 per day it is a costly problem for the country as a whole.

Birmingham Disputes Wheelie Bin Introduction

Conservative councillors of Birmingham have accused the Labour officials of misleading people over the ‘unnecessary’ introduction of wheelie bins.

The council have now launched a public consultation into waste collections.

Without the wheelie bins the mounds of rubbish create quite an eye-sore

Without the wheelie bins the mounds of rubbish create quite an eye-sore

The City council were awarded £30m in November 2012 to preserve weekly wheelie bin collections.

The money was given to fund a project always involving the introduction of wheelie bins and Labour cabinet member James Mackay stated ;

The money has “to be spent on what the government gave us the money for”.

“If we didn’t accept that money, there’s no way we could preserve weekly collections,”

Residents and refuse collectors have reported bags being torn into by cats and vermin which would be thwarted by the introduction of the bins. There are however residents who have objected to the scheme as the bins would limit the amount they can dispose of through the collections.

Another way to combat animals getting into the bags would be to improve and develop food recycling schemes in the city.

It also damages the image of the local area that bin bags have to be lined up along the street rather than deposited in the bins out of sight.

There has also been pressure throughout the UK on councils after bins haven’t been collected due to poor weather.

The man behind the plan, James Mackay also said; “This is about establishing the policies and principles for the implementation of wheelie bins,”

“We are starting with the presumption that all homes are having wheelie bins and will use the consultation process to understand were there should be exceptions.”

The consultations for the plans will be over the internet and then meetings will take place with interest groups.

Although some are against the plans to introduce the bins they are used nationwide in most areas and it may surprise some that this major city hasn’t yet introduced the bins.


Clash of the Trash

Bystanders watched as two men partook in a silent feud over bin bags.Bin Bags

Thousands have already watched the video clip on YouTube of the pair’s feud. They were filmed by a passing postman who noticed the feud.

Both of the men had decided that they didn’t want the rubbish outside their home and that it looked better on the other side of the street.

The short clip showed the men failing in their bid to move the rubbish to the other side as when one moved it the other would take it back.

Although the feud went on for over 30 minutes the pair never uttered a word to each other and simply persisted moving the bags back to the other side.

Surely the council can resolve the matter by providing some desperately needed wheelie bins or recycling bins.

The postman had some of his friends join him to watch the event unfold and quite an audience gathered for the men. The clip above now has over 200,000 views on YouTube and is proving popular with internet viewers.

Perhaps this is a lesson of how you should deal with conflict? The two men stay calm-headed the whole time and make their point silently.

The Postman turned Cameraman, Pete Sykes, can be heard in the video saying:  ’Should it be outside his house, or should it be outside my house? Absolute class.

He also said to the local press:’It’s so funny,’ ‘They were doing it for around half an hour. But they didn’t even argue.’

And for anyone who wants to keep updated on the Battle of the Bin Bags Mr Sykes said that he will be returning to the area next week to check for any developments.


Vergera Has No Time For Wedding Planning

Modern Family star Sofia Vergera has said that she has no time to plan for her wedding.

Her partner, business man Nick Loeb, proposed in July of 2012 during the couples trip to Mexico to celebrate Vergera turning 40 however she has yet to find time to sit down and start planning.Vergera

“Now I don’t have the time – and it will have to be one weekend when I have the time to plan something fun. I don’t even know what I’m going to do.”

“If I’m going to do something, it’s going to have to be a big event. I just had my 40th birthday in Mexico. I had more than 100 people”

It will be Colombian Vergera’s second time at the alter having been previously married to her childhood sweetheart Joe Gonzalez. She has also told of how it will not be a traditional ceremony;

“We don’t do that type of tradition. (Nick and I want) more like of a party (with) music, dancing, a lot of food; not really sitting there hours and giving speeches.”

With peoples lives becoming busier and busier it’s nice to know that if you don’t have the time to sit down and organise such a big occasion in your life there are expert wedding planners who can step in and do it for you.

The Duchess of Cornwall for example would be a perfect example of someone too busy to organise the vintage crockery or unique table plans for her perfect day, however, there are people who specialise in taking your dream day and making it possible! If Vergera’s work doesn’t slow up she might consider it herself, as it’s good enough for Royalty!

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